Friday, December 31, 2010


heyy! i'm backk.. okayyy.. juz came back from Genting..yeahh..andd ii had having sooo muchh fun there..ii wish ii could be there again but this time might be with my friends :D
ii'm starting to get out from my comfort zone :D yeahh..that's is my new year vow..oppsss..not new year yet..but well, 6 more hours to go okayy..

my mid sem exam seems so far alhmdulillah but ii cannot say anything because errr...juz forget it..but ii knew my EIG test result already for report andd ii got band 6! yeahhhh! alhmdulillahh..unbelievable..ii never thought that ii will get band 6..andd now i'm waiting for the others..ii hope ii can get band 6 for writing and speaking and not to forget on my reading arabic results alhmdulillah i'm passed! 25 out of 30 andd ii hope ii can be exemptedd from taking arabic for the next sem..ngee~

ermm..okay, last tuesday ii watched malays drama and it's about migraine..quite interesting because ii have migraine..he said that there are two types of migraines which are common and classic migraine..the common migraine is when the sufferer will feel headache ONLY while classic migraine sufferer will feel headache and cannot expose to light..and classic migraine seems that it's in critical situation which can lead to brain cancer..

and today ii wannt to share about the ways how to prevent migraine..

The first part is understanding your body. There will be certain things in your life that trigger your migraine attacks. It might be stress, too much coffee, dairy products or chocolate. Actually these would be the main causes for most types of migraines so let's look at migraine prevention based on each of these 4 triggers.

Migraines caused by stress
You need to remove or reduce the stress in as much as you can. That's sometimes easier said than done. If you can't eliminate the cause of the stress then you need to integrate relaxation techniques such as meditation and deep breathing into your life.

Migraines caused by caffeine
Cut out the coffee. Swap over to tea instead. Tea still contains a certain amount of caffeine so if you find that you still experience migraines from that then you can always use soy coffee instead. Caffeine related migraines are self inflicted. The power to prevent is in your hands.

Migraines caused by dairy products
Again the rememedy is straight forward. Reduce the amount of dairy products you consume (especially cheese) and where possible replace them entirely with their soya counterparts.

Migraines caused by chocolate
Don't eat so much chocolate. If you have to have chocolate then try eating dark chocolate instead of plain dairy. I've found that his does help a little bit.

True migraine prevention is a change in lifestyle and understanding. It's also vitally important that you become familiar with exactly how you feel at the very start of a migraine attack when your trigger kicks in. The more you understand the emotional, psychological and physical changes that occur within you during an attack the better you can work towards stopping them happening.

It comes down to this. Your migraines are caused by triggers. To really, really prevent a migraine attack you need to know your triggers and you need to minimize or eliminate them as much as you can and as often as you can.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just A Dream

I was thinking bout her, thinking bout me
Thinking bout us, what's it gonna be
Open my eyes, it was only just a dream
So I travel back, down that road
Hope she come back, no one knows
I realize that it was only just a dream

Let me tell you about a girl who changed my world
I don’t know just how she’s doin’ that
she’s on my mind, she’s takin’ my time
I’m loosin’ my way but now she’s bringin’ me back

She’s my Ipod, I got her on REPLAY
I LOVE THE WAY SHE LIES and she’s making me wanna say
We like DYNAMITE, and I just can’t get enough

What goes up must come down
now baby your not around
I’m laying all alone in the middle of the night

JUST A DREAM~~ yeah,
Finally ii’m back to post new entry after a month ii didn’t come back home.
Lately, ii’m engrossed with JUST A DREAM song by Jason Chen and Joseph Vincent.
and ii have done editing the song to be use as my ringtone. hehe

Let's forget about this song for awhile.
Well, ii just had be sitting for my mid semester examination. A bit disappointed in Mathematics because ii cannot answer the questions well. Physics, ii have no idea what to say but ii am really sure that ii did CARELESS mistake(s). and Arabic ermmm.. the questions quite easy but if ii do not know what the words mean, for sure ii cannot be able answer the questions. Blablabla.. This semester is not as good as my previous semester. ii cannot really focus on my studies..gaspp! Never mind, my aim after mid semester break is ii want to focus on studies, forget the past and wake up! continue with new life!

okay, ii want to continue with what ii did today..err..ii mean yesterdayy because it's 2.28am alreadyy. after Arabic paper ii went to Pusat Sains Negara and there is a Discovery of Dinosaurs Alive. All about dinosaurs and here are a number of pictures that ii snapped ;

there are carnivores and herbivores dinosaurs. that's all what ii know =P

cutey baby dinosaurs!

One of the carnivores dinosaurs


Sunday, November 7, 2010

going back to uia

today is sundayy alreadyy
andd ii am going back to uia :(
ii need to face the reality
but what ii feel right now is
ii DO NOT WANT to come back to uia T.T
ohh pleaseeee! don't force mee..
ii don't want,
ii'm still not strong enough to face it
because, I'M ALONE
one thing that makes me strong and happy
to come back to uia is my FRIENDS
but now,
ii don't know whyy
ii can feel something gap between us
ohh, :((


Saturday, November 6, 2010


oh well, ii just came back from uiaa..
the results wass ..................
ii had not been in English class for 2 weeks alreadyy..
next monday ii am going back to my previous group which is 64!
with 38 students in a small room..duhhh =.='
ii hope that it won't be permanently..

Lately, ii feel something strange with my friends.
They keep something secret behind me
They like don’t want to share anything with me
Why?? Why this could happen??
ii know it comes from one of my friends
ii know she is having a problem
ii don’t know what her problem is
She does not want to share it with me
She came to class and showed her bad mood on last Wednesday
She like can’t accept my jokes anymore
ii don’t know why
Why she had changed??
Is it because ii got to go to level 6??
She keeps saying “budak exempted…,budak exempted..blablabla”
What is wrong with you, dear??
Seriously, I don’t like it every time you say like that
I never proud of this...
Yes, I am HAPPY because I got to go to level 6 but at the same time I am sad
I am SO SAD because ;
1. I need to move to other group,
2. We could not be in the same class like before,
3. We could not do the project together
Do you know that??
Have you ever know what my feeling is??
Can you read what is on my mind on that time??
do you know that ii have a problem at the same time??
whyy do you do like this to me??
it is not my fault, ii never ask to be like this
every time ii see youu,
all those words (budak exempted….budak exempted...blablabla)
like whispering at my ear
seriously ii don't like it..
ii CAN'T STAND anymore..

do you know how happy ii was when youu told me that we are going to Ulu Yam, One Utama, taman layang2??
on the next day, ii had changed my mindd..
ii said that im going back home..
do youu know why ii suddenly change my mindd??
because of youu.. yes, it is YOU!
ii can't stand with those words..
when ii asked youu when we are going to speak English again,
andd you repliedd me "budak exempted mana sama level english dgn kteorg..dia punya english power..blablabla"
it HURTS me a lot..
so, ii decided to go back home..
ii am SORRY! ii didn't mean it
but,, you hadd forced me to do so
perhaps, youu like it because ii could not join you guys, right??

ii don't have anything to say anymore.. speechless T.T
what can ii say is, if anything changes in me, I'M SORRY


Sunday, October 31, 2010

nothing funn~~

ii am backk to studyy

what a tiring week.. ii just came backk from uiaa..currently ii am home :))
well, my journey on the 1st week for sem 2 quite tiring..a lot things need to be done in one week.. there was a changedd for English results.. andd ii am one of the students who jumped to level 6.. andd we need to do adding and dropping things due to the changes had made.. it was sooooo BORING, we need to face many problems.. me and friends having a problem for adding LEM 0620(code for our subject) in our schedule.. we had startedd last Wednesdayy but untill now haven't done yet..

ii went to AMF Hall to meet academic advisor because ii didn't have any idea which group shouldd ii joinn.. but, they asked me to see English department to know my group because they got the list.. unfortunately, someone at English department askedd me to see my academic advisor..huh?? i'm confusedd.. seriously, ii didn't know what to do next.. i'm lost.. finally, my friends and ii decided to choose the group on our own..

thursday (Oct 28, 2010) was my 1st English class.. totally 38 students in a small room.. :l
what's on your mind right now?? perhaps, it's same like what ii thought..
guess what, on friday, ii got news that students who are got to go to the next level are not allowedd to join a group with repeating students.. they told us on the last dayy for students to adding and dropping subject ?? whatt the ... my friends andd ii went to physics department to know what should we do next but they were just ignoring us.. ii made up my mindd, we should have our breakfast + lunch because on of my friends was tired already!

after we hadd eaten, we discussedd againn.. my friend said that we should meet academic advisor because we don't have any idea.. we were lost.. but ii refusedd.. ii was thinking what they hadd did before.. finally, ii gave up andd met my academic advisor again.. ii told her everything.. she helped us at last.. she telephonedd someone at english department to know what the problem was.. she ended call and asked me to be alert to notice board for any announcement for my english class.. ii don't have any english classes temporarily.. that's the end of the story..

well, ii am waiting for the good news when ii come backk to cfs..
hoping for better life~ :))

Loves, dila♥

Friday, October 22, 2010

helping my fren :D

yeahh.. i'm backkk for awhile =D
ohh well, ii just want to help my friend who looking for models for her newest assignment..
she is planning to feature 12 people in every month.. andd currently, she's short of seven people (4 girls & 3 boys) in total.
ages : 18 to 22
so, if youu feel you are good enough to fill this position,
please contact her through email at :

please send her the following details :

TIME SCHEDULE : (so that she can adjusts the timing of photo shooting)

p/s : she is a student and could not pay youu for modelling for her..thus, this is totally a VOLUNTEER work.. :D

here is the advertisement..sry ii cant upload the picture.. just copy and paste it to see the the advertisement :D


Thursday, October 21, 2010

result just crossed on my mindd~~

hiyarrkk!! today is Oct 21, 2010 alreadyy.. anddd
ii am going back to uia on this sundayy..

after ii had been through the examination about a month ago,
finally ii got the results..
alhmdulillah, everything was fine
although the results wasn't as my friend expectedd but it would be fine to really appreciate it..
ii know, ii didn't really struggle for my final but ii can got such that results especially for my fardu 'ain..ii got 4.0 for that subject..unbelievable! thank you Allah =D

a bit disappointedd 'bout my english results..
overall ii got band 5.5 which is level 5..
yes, ii got to go to the next level but my hope was something like band 6..
it will makes me satisfieddd cuz my friends got 6 for their english!
it's ok, ii will try my best.. keep improving, practising englishh..well, pray for me
ii will come back to cfs with ;
~ 1 hope
~ 1 determination
~ 1 desire
~ 1 target
haha..okayy, that's all for noww..go go chaiiyokkk!!


Sunday, October 17, 2010


ii hav no idea wadd to post for today,,

well, wadd ii had done for today ;
~burned a CD for my mum ; Maher Zain, Amr Diab and Nancy Ajram's songs
~download arabic songs
~cleaned the toilet ;)
ohh yeahh~
wadd's next??
errrmmm..ii wanna show youu something,
Pictures that ii captured when ii was in Terengganu and Kelantan
enjoyy :))

view from a hotel in Kuala Terengganu(:

other view but still in the same hotel(:

uitm hotel(:

sata, pulut and ketupat(:

see the traffic light :l

that's all for todayy,,
oh ya, i just got called from my friend..
she said that she got an offer from UIA where im studying right now..
weee~ im so happy to hear that


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sept 28, 2010

Hey you, you and you (=
Today is Sept 28, 2010…ii had not been post any entries for five months already...
My life was so hectic... kind of a student who takes one year program...
But ii really really LOVE my classes; my naughty classmates, sporting lecturers
They make the class happening! Semester 1 had gone... ii will miss my sem 1 =(

with our maths lecturer♥

with one of our English lecturers [try to find her if possible ;)]♥

Currently on inter sem vacation.. so far ii really enjoyed it.. a day after my exam, my friends and ii went to one of my lecturers’ house.. She cooked laksa nyonya and rendang for us... It was so delicious, and that was my first time I ate laksa nyonya.. actually, it is a Chinese food.. she took the recipe in a newspaper.. laksa nyonya looks like laksa johor but it has prawns and squids.. after that we went to my relative’s house and one of our friends’ house somewhere in Ampang.. ii had been at my friend's house for 3 days and 2 nights..

Okay, that is all for today.. I have something to discuss with my friend.. well, I will post again tomorrow..InsyaAllah.. buhbyee =)


Friday, April 16, 2010



Today. 16April2010.

I met my friends. After a very long time never meet them. They are my best friends. I love them so much. We spent for a day. How happy am I. we met at 11.38am. Actually, we discussed want to meet at 11am but I cannot come at 11am sharp. Hehe. Sorry guys. Thanks for waiting me about half an hour. Ngeh3~

We chilled until 12.15noon. After that, we bought burger! Only Syazana ate chickens. Deep and I ate double cheeseburger in large. Amni ate chicken Mc deluxe and Efa; I am not sure what she ate. Hehe

After that, we went to Taman Tasik Cempaka. We had walked, walked, walked and walked. We took some pictures of us. Syazana did not with us at that time because she needs to go home early.

Then, we went to PKNS. I was looking for English novels. Unfortunately, the bookstore does not have one of it. My friends had bought comics. They found what they want. So good. Then, I bought maxis top up. RM30 for my 017 and RM5 for my 012. I had wasted about RM35 to buy top up.

Deep went home at 2.30pm. Now, only me, Efa and Amni left. We continued walked, walked, walked and talked, talked, talked until 4pm. We went back to mcD. Chilled!
Then, I was home at 5.20pm. Took a bath and online. Facebook-ing.


Friday, April 2, 2010



Fuhh... long time I have not post any entries here. Busy with my ‘WORK’. I do not know what kind of work I did actually. What I know is I did the work for people. Get it? I do not think that you could understand what I mean actually. I am sick of these. I worked at 7am until 7pm everyday. Finally, the benefits come to other workers instead of me. I should get it! Unlucky to me, I cannot make it. I was wondering what I would do if I own it soon already. HMPH. I lied myself. I said to myself that I was dreaming actually. Yeahh. DREAMING! Uh

Finally, I decided to quit. I cannot stand anymore. At first, I decided to stay until the end of the month and got one worker wanted to take unpaid leave. She really hopes that if I really want to quit, I could quit after she leave. I could not stay until that period. Sorry sis, I cannot make it. I am tired. I am sick. I cannot stand anymore. I need to face everything that I do not like everyday. This is because of got one-worker keeps nagging. I really hate that. Nag, nag and nag. That is all what she known. Maybe she is too heavy or too lazy to do works. She only wants to have a seat.

I really hate her. Absolutely I do! I hate her lots. She was not only keep nagging at me but she also keeps blaming me. Blaming me in everything and she is so ‘PERFECT’. Yeah. She thinks that she is always right and perfect. The thing that I really cannot accept is she keeps blaming me in taken the touch ‘n’ go money or epay money. Every time if the money was not enough, she will say “Mesti ada kat adila tuhh”. PANAS! I know that I had short in early month with in large amount, but it does not mean that I steal the money to pay my short. I repeat, I DO NOT steal any money from the counter for that.

Everyday, every time when the money not enough, I will be the one, Suspect! S***! I go to school everyday FOR WHAT if finally I become a thief. Day by day, I just wait, wait and wait until on day, my father came at my place. He met my boss. They were discussing something. It might be about my short. After that, I decided to quit. They made me become confident with my decision. I QUIT. The next day, I went to my work place and I wanted to meet boss. Unfortunately, he is out for lunch. Therefore, I passed my letter to supervisor with hope that she will pass to boss.

Even though I have quit from working, I still contact with one of worker. She is nice. I am so glad to know her. Even though she did something wrong in past but I believe that she had changed. She knows what is right and what is wrong. Well, I hope that our friendship is long lasting :))


Sunday, February 28, 2010

my workkk ohhh~


I have been busy nowadays. My shift is at 3pm until 11pm. I went back at 12.34am yesterday. For the first time I went home so late. I started close my counter at 11pm something. During closing my counter, I had not enough receipt for ‘touch and go’. I do not know what to do on that time. I just let it be gone.

Next, I am looking for Kiffah book. I need write the reports about the Kiffah. I have wasted my time in finding the Kiffah Book. I am not sure how long is but I am sure that it took so long. I am like a crazy person on that time. I was looking for Kiffah book everywhere. After I realized that it is 12.40am already, I started to count cigarettes.

There are many sorts of cigarettes. Such as, Dunhill 20, 18, Dunhill lights 20, 18, Dunhill menthol 20, Dunhill Fine Cuts, Winston 20, 18, Winston lights 20, 18, camel lights, soft, 20, 18, LM, Marlboros, Evolutions, Lucky Strikes, Bensons, and Salem. Although there got the soft pack but it still bad for our healthy.

After finished counting the cigarettes, I was looking for Kiffah Book again. Seriously, I have waste my time finding the book! I felt like giving up and I just wanted to continue about the Kiffah thing tomorrow. I came back to the counter I asked Din (the worker who shift at 11pm until 7am) what should I do cause I could not find the Kiffah Book. Then he asked me to try looking at the one file.

Finally, I found it! I am so happy. I finish my work quickly and I immediately took my bag and back to home. I arrived at my home at 12.45am.


Sunday, February 21, 2010



Heyy... I have not post any entries for a long time already. I have been so busy nowadays. I am currently working at PETRONAS nearby. I work as a cashier. I have started working on Feb 10 2010. So far, everything is going fine. Currently I am enjoying my work. My shift is in the morning. I need to be there before 7 o’clock. My shift is finished at 3 o’clock but I am always being there until 4.34pm.

My duty is off on this Wednesday. What should I do on that day? Well, I think I am going to watch Love in the Vineyard. Yeah! I have not been watching the drama for a long time already. What had happened to them? I really like Guan Ming Jie. He is so determined person. I will watch the drama from 11am until 12.30pm.

After that, what should I do? I do not have any plan so far. What is in my mind is face book. Nowadays, I feel like online is wasting my time online. I do not fix with the internet. I am not using it wisely. I am always online and doing nothing. Seriously, it is so boring and wasting the time!

On Thursday, my shift is start at 11 o’clock in the morning and end at 11 o’clock in the night. I need to work about 12 hours! Overtime siiaaa. Start on that day I will start in the evening. I can sleep for a long time. Yeah. I love it.

Hurmm... that is all for now. I have not idea already. I have to go. I want to sleep now. Byeeee =))


Monday, February 1, 2010

jog! yeahhh~


Finally, I did it! I jog only for 25 minutes. At least I did something. I know it was not like what I have said before but I have changed my lifestyle and this is because of my sister too. I also want to help in her lifestyle. She is on her way getting fat, fat and fat. Her weight is almost same as me with the 163cm. She also becomes lazier. She always keeps seeking for me help to her do something. Ohh man.. She is really lazy and crazy. She does not want to do any works. She keeps asking me to done it. As a good sister LOL, I just listen in her. Sometimes, I got say “nieyh la dia, gemuk yang pemalas! Nak simpan lemak-lemak yang dah sememangnya banyak dalam badan tuhh! Baguslah tuhh.. kumpul lagi banyak-banyak eh!” After that, I will laugh at her so that she will not take it seriously.

I have started learn on how to solve Rubik’s cube. I enjoyed learning the Rubik’s cube. In my mind, I was only thinking if my friends could solve it why I cannot. I took about 2 hours to learn and 3 hours to solve it. I have passed the base, first layer and second layer. The third layer, I almost done with it but I am still cannot find my mistake. I am still not sure how to solve it. However, I believe in myself that I could find it later. I will solve it! My little brother has his own Rubik’s cube but does not know how to use. He only knew how solve the base. Never mind, I will teach him how to solve the Rubik’s cube later.

Hey, I want to share the 3X3 Rubik’s cube formula with you people. To make it easy to memorizes, you need to find out yourself why the motion must to be like that. That is what I am doing now. In addition, it is works! Imagine that I do not need to look at the formula frequently. I just looked at the formula only once. Check it out!

(step 1) – base + 1st layer
Ri, U, Fi, Ui

D, Ri, Di, R

(step 2) – 2nd layer
U, R, Ui, Ri, Ui, Fi, U, F

Ui, Fi, U, F, U, R, Ui, Ri

(step 3) – 3rd layer
F, R, U, Ri, Ui, Fi

R, U, Ri, U, R, U, U, Ri,

R, U, Ri, U, R, U, U, Ri, U(depends)

U, R, Ui, Li, U, Ri, Ui, L

(Final step).
Ri, Di, R, D

Maybe someone could not understand what the formula stand for, right. Well,

U - upper
R - right
F - front
L - left
D - down
I – inverted

For details, check it out at this site. This video is in Malay version. You could find another video if you searching for English version(:

(part 1)>

(part 2)>

(part 3)>


Sunday, January 31, 2010

weight loss~


What should I post today huh?? Today my brother come back home! He arrived at 9.20p.m I guess. Today feeling is not bad. Oh ya, I want to loss weight. I also want to keep maintaining my weight and stamina. This is because of one of my friends realized me the importance of maintaining weights. She is so excited when talking about this. She keeps reminding me about the past. I was a fat girl on that time. She said that those who have obesity history, they could not loss their weight after they have come back to obesity. This fact really makes me worries about myself because I do not care anymore about my weight after I have graduated in a boarding school.

I have determined that I have to maintain my stamina and my weight. I want to achieved my weight around 55kg to 58 kg. I do not think so I could be lesser than that. It is impossible. Yeah. I do not want so skinny. It is enough to be at that weight. I have planned that I should start on next Monday. In addition, I have thought what I should do on the next Monday. Errmm... there are the activities that will be listing down.

Monday, Feb 1, 2010
6.15a.m – wake up for Subuh prayer
7.30a.m – jogging
8.30a.m – walks
9.00a.m – cycling
10.00a.m – breakfast
11.30a.m – watch Love in the Vineyard (Chinese drama)
12.30noon – online
1.30p.m – perform my Zuhur prayer + lunch
2.00p.m – paints my bedroom wall

At night, facebook-ing xD


Thursday, January 28, 2010

my birthdayy cardd! xoxo~


ii'll write fully in english on my blog to improve my English. Although my english is sucked, for me, it is only for this moment. Practices make perfect! yeahh!!

aduish!! today ii was having flu. They really make me feel uncomfortably. ii had this flu since yesterdayy. it's really disturbing me while ii'm sleeping last night.


I'm so happy todayy :DD
ii have received a birthday card from my best friend :D
The card is so COOL! ii really LOVE it! ii never received such a big birthday card from my friends. The card is made by herself. Very special one. haha
ii really appreciate that card! Thank you darling! ngeh2~
These are few pictures of the card.

ii also got Rm10 from her. The money was given by our maths teacher, Miss Tengku. She cut the money and gave me half. She said that someday we will make the money come together. yeahh! ii promise to keep this money and the card properly. ii'll keep my words! xoxoxo


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

nth just wanna wish hepi bdayy to mee xD


My birthday jatuh pada tiga hari lepas. Andd it was fun.
Enjoy gila time tuhh. My birthday jatuh pada hari Ahad. And it's on holiday. My dad pun tak kerja. Pagi tuhh aku bergayut! ALmakLumla dapat free calls. hehe. orang pertama yang aku telefon, Faiqah! setengah jam jugak borak dengan dia. Tetiba plak takde idea nak cakap apa. Pastu aku call Rosnizan plak. Dua kali jugak aku fikir nak call ke taknak dia nieyh. Last-last call jugak. Dapat respond positif! apa lagi, keluar la segala sengal-sengal dan gila-gila akuh! haha sejam lebih jugak bergayut. Sampaikan dia kena charge enset dia. Telinga aku pun da panas. Tetiba mak aku masuk cakap nak gi Giant. Lepas zohor pun keluarlah rumah tuhh.



We went to ALAMANDA! to celebrate my birthday. After that we went to Carrefour for shopping. First time celebrate birthday kat luar. Best la jugak. pergi kenny rogers, makan ayam 1/4 black papper plus mash potato, pasta salad pastu apa ntah nama dia. lupaaaa. hehe.


Lepas makan dapat kupon. Cam kupon diskaun laa. Gores-gores dapat RM2 jer!
Nasib-nasib. Lain kali datang baru boleh redeem kupon tuhh. Macam-macam. Nak attract customer macam tu laa. Haha. Sejurus keluar dari Kenny Rogers tuh terus gi toilet ._. Tandas pun full! haha. Pastu time masuk kat tandas tuhh, takde paip plak. adoii. Dia de tempat pancut tuhh. Tapi tempat pancut tuhh kat dinding bukan dekat dalam bowl tuhh. Pelik tapi benar.

Aku fikir banyak kali gak nak buang kat toilet tuhh. Camner nak buat ek??
Aku pun tutup la pintu tandas tuhh. dalam tuhh macam-macam menghantui diri aku nieyh. nak buang ke taknak, nak buang ke taknak. haha. aku test dulu.
nak tengok air tuhh pancut camner. aku pun dengan selamber, bukak jer paip tuh. fuhhyooo.. macam air pancut. terkejut aku! habis belakang aku basah. satu line dari atas ke bawah. haha. nasib baik aku pakai baju warna hitam dengan seluar jeans. so, tak la nampak sangat. Dari dalam aku dengar adik aku cakap, "Ma.. lama betul akak kat dalam. Apa dia buat??"

Aku jadi cam tak tentu arah dengan orang tengah menunggu lagi. Dengan air pancut tuh lagi. Inilah dia kalau dah moden sangat. Nasib baik bukan yang jenis automatik cam kat KLCC! lagi aku terkesima. haha. Aku keluar tandas tuh pun buat muka selamber! Nak cover air pancut tadi. haha. Kadang-kadang rasa gak sejuk air tuhh bila tengah jalan-jalan.


Lepas tuhh aku pergi shopping! beli barang dapur. Tolak troli yangg sangat berat. Macam-macam aku dapat. air free. dapat rasa thai tomyam tapi tawar): maklumla free. aku minta, nak quaker oats, sunquicks mango dapat. aku minta, apa lagi eh?? ntah.. dapat jugak. Pastu aku ingat nak makan aiskrim. Dari dulu asyik mengidam aiskrim jer. tapi bila fikir balik, dah macam-macam aku minta dapat. Telan air liur jelah. haha. first time beli barang cecah dua ratus lebih. tapi aku buat tak tau jer sebab bukan duit aku! haha!

Lenguh jugak kepala lutut aku nieyh! aLmaklumlah dah lama tak jalan. Sampaikan nak simpan troli kat dalam balik pun dah tak larat. Letak jer kat luar. Nasib baik ada troli lain kat situ. Aku pun apa lagi tumpang sekaki! Dapat balik 20sen akuh! wahahahaha aku sampai rumah dalam pukul 7.30ptg kot. Magrib pun dah masuk. Banyak penat weyh. Malam tuhh aku sambung gayut dengan kengkawan yang wished birthday aku. Sampai pukul 12.15am. Aku ingat duit kena tolak sebab lebih 15mins tapi dapat free lagi! wohohoho! thanks hotlink(:


Friday, January 22, 2010

Berton Braley


Start where you stand and never mind the past,
The past won't help you in beginning new,
If you have left it all behind at last
Why, that's enough, you're done with it, you're through;
This is another chapter in the book,
This is another race that you have planned,
Don't give the vanished days a backward look,
Start where you stand.

The world won't care about your old defeats,
If you can start a new and win success;
The future is your time, and time is fleet,
And there is much of work and strain and stress;
Forget the burried woes and dead despairs,
Here is a brand-new trial right at hand,
The future is for him who does and dares,
Start where you stand.

Old failures will not halt, old triumps aid,
Today's the thing, tomorrow soon will be,
Get in the fight and face it unafraid,
And leave the past to ancient history,
What has been, has been; yesterday is dead,
And by it you are neither blessed nor banned,
Take courage, man, be brave and drive ahead,
Start where you stand.

~Berton Braley


Wednesday, January 20, 2010



Kadangkala, ada di antara kita telah kuat berusaha,
telah mengorbankan cita-cita dan minat,
kerana hendak memenuhi hasrat orang-orang tersayang,
orang-orang yang kita hormati,
orang-orang yang telah berjasa kepada kita,
orang-orang yang telah memberi kita makan,
pakaian dan tempat tinggal, sehingga suatu hari,

kita dikalahkan oleh satu faktor yang di luar kekuasaan kita...
di luar kemampuan kita.

Kerana kita manusia,
kita tidak sempurna.
Pun begitu, ada manusia yang memandang rendah kepada kita,
memandang remeh kepada kita,
mencemuh kita,
berpura-pura melupakan kita,
meninggalkan kata-kata kasar dan kesat kepada kita,
tetapi, Tuhan itu tidak pernah pun bersikap demikian terhadap kita.
Tuhan masih menjanjikan syurga sebagai kebahagiaan abadi,
untuk kita semua.

Pun begitu, sekiranya fajar itu menyingsing lagi,
maka helalah nafas sedalam-dalamnya,
hembuskan segala tekanan yang menyebak di dada.

perjuangan belum pernah tamat,
dan takkan begitu mudah selesai,
kerana hidup ini sendiri,
adalah satu perjuangan yang nyata.

Bukan mimpi,
bukan khayalan,
tetapi kasih sayang dan ujian.

Satu langkah baru,
satu kehidupan baru,
bakal bermula...


Tuesday, January 19, 2010



sedar tak sedar dah 19hb rupanya hari nieyh. Dah lama jugak aku duduk rumah.
kebosanan, melayan cerita-cerita di televisyen yang semakin mengarut tuh.
Cucu betong dah habis. Disambung pulak dengan cerita Mayang Mengurai.
Nak jugak ada sihir-sihir tuh. hahaha

sekarang nieyh aku lebih kepada cerita cina. Love in The Vineyard! pukul 11.30pg sampai pukul 12.30 tengah hari dekat 8TV. Best jugak cerita nieyh walaupun aku baru saja start tengok cerita nieyh. haha
Pastu disambung pula dengan cerita cina, C.I.D kul 1.30 - 2.30ptg.. Lepas cerita tuhh sambung pulak cerita Classic Returns (My Fair Princess) dari kul 2.30 - 3.30ptg.. Begitulah rutin aku pada hari Isnin sampai Jumaat.

aku pulak selalu online waktu tengah hari selepas cerita Love in The Vineyard takpun selepas cerita C.I.D dan aktif jugak pada waktu malam. Waktu malam pula tak menentu. Ikut mood nak online tapi yang pasti tak lebih dari 12.30tengah malam. kadang-kadang terlajak jugak sampai pukul 1pg ke 2pg. huhu! pada waktu petang pulak, aku baca novel. baru nak start. nak tukar rutin harian katakan. kalau tak, sebelum nieyh online jer.
sekarang nieyh aku sedang berusaha untuk limitkan waktu aku online.

tadi parents aku keluar sekejap. maybe pergi tempat tusyen adik aku tuh. daftar dia dekat situ. Balik jer rumah tanya aku nak kerja ke tak. Of coursela aku nak. dah bosan duduk rumah nieyh. tetiba plak cakap aku dah dapat kerja. tp tak confirm lagik. nak tengok aku boleh bekerja ke tak.
Dr. Malik suruh aku datang esok pukul 10.30pg. aisyh! gemuruh beb! Dr. Malik tanya ayah aku, komunikasi aku ok ke tak. alamakk! komunikasi la paling aku low. aku kena belajar la pasal komunikasi nieyh. lemah beb!

camner eh?? satu benda yang bermain dekat kepala aku nieyh, bantai jer esok. apa nak jadi pun jadilah. yang penting dapat pengalaman! mana yang salah atau yang memalukan tuh jadikan pengajaran. yeah!! aku tak dapat bayangan macam mana aku dekat situ nanti. kena menghadapi parents-parents yang nak daftar anak. kena pandai bertutur. wah-wah secara tak langsung nieyh yang menaikkan semangat aku untuk tingkatkan skill komunikasi aku.

plus, aku kena pakai baju kurung. yelah first impression katakan. haha
dah lama jugak aku tak pakai baju kurung. berdebar-debar rasanya. perkara baru yang akan aku alami. aku dah mula beranikan diri aku untuk bertanya, masa dekat Karnival Jom Masuk U tempoh hari. mula-mula macam melalut sikit aku cakap. aku sendiri pun tak faham apa yang aku cakap masa tuh! haha apa-apa pun harap-harap esok berjalan lancar semuanya. aminn..


Sunday, January 17, 2010

meh share2


There is something that I would like to share with you guys~
Tips for improving your study habits!
Check it out!

It was Mahatma Gandhi who said "The future depends on what we do in the present".

1. Create an environment with good lighting and ventilation.

2. Control the noise level around you.

3. Schedule rest periods.

4. Change your study topics every 1-2 hours.

5. Set realistic study goals for every session.

6. Plan your study session by the amount of material you need to cover, not by the clock.

7. Stick to a routine that matches your schedule. So if you're a night owl, study in the evenings. If you're an early bird, start studying in the morning.

It is most productive to study in the day and early evening where you will remember things better.
It is best to study when there are fewest competing activities in progress and when adequate rest periods are provided.
You should stop studying when fatigue or lack of attention occurs. It's good to take a short break and then continue.

- Keep a pad of paper handy to jot down extraneous thoughts that cross your mind while studying, get them out of your mind, and on to paper.
- Before you start studying take a minutes to summarize a few objectives. Gather your thoughts and set study goals before you begin each period of study.
- Stick to a routine. Efficient study schedules should accommodate your day/nighttime energy levels.
- Design adequate rewards after specified goals are attained.
- Change the subject you study every one to two hours for variety. Vary your study activities between reading and more active learning exercises.
- Make the most of rest periods to do your favorite activities.
- Don't try to mix study and play.
- Start with short study periods and slowly build to longer periods only as fast as you maintain concentration and study hard subjects at peak energy times and easier ones later.
- If necessary, make a calendar of events to clear your mind of distractions.
- Plan the length of your study period by the amount of material you have decided to cover, not by the clock


Saturday, January 9, 2010



Haaa.. Hari ni mood aku dah okay sikit. I feel much better now. Hari ni jugak mak aku belikan aku buku "Basic English Conversations". Tak dapat pergi kelas BI, dapat buku pun jadi la. Walaupun basic. Mak aku mesti terasa bila aku cakap aku nak kerja no matter what sebab kalau duduk rumah apa boleh buat. Hahaha. Sorry la aku memang tak tahan dan tak boleh nak sembunyi lagi dah kebosanan aku tuh. Terpaksa lepaskan.

Hari nih aku pergi motivasi dekat pusat tusyen smart success. Adik aku yang nak tusyen dekat situ, sekali dengan aku kena pergi motivasi dia. Tak apa la at least dapat jugak sesuatu yang baru dan dekat situ jugak mood aku semakin baik sebab Dr. Malik tuh sangat kelakar dan aku sangat sukakan cara penyampaian beliau. Aku terfikir jikalau aku dapat belajar dengan Dr. Malik dari awal, pasti result spm aku boleh ada jaminan untuk dapat straight As. Tak apa la benda dah lepas, yang penting sekarang nieyh bertawakal.

Di sini aku nak kongsi sikit apa yang aku dapat daripada motivasi tuh.

10 cara untuk mendapat result yang cemerlang.

Pandang mata cikgu yang mengajar kita tuh. Ikut jer mana cikgu tuh pergi. 60% daripada yang kita belajar itu datangnya daripada dalam kelas.

Setiap kali tak faham dengan apa yang cikgu ajar tuh, tanya cikgu tuh. Tanya cikgu tuh sampai faham. Berpeganglah pada "Malu Bertanya Sesat Jalan".

Jangan salin bulat-bulat apa yang cikgu cakap dan yang ada dalam buku teks

Pastikan ada pocket note supaya kita tak buang masa begitu saja. Nota kena sentiasa ada dalam poket. Pelajar-pelajar cemerlang semua ada pocket note.

Jangan melawan cakap cikgu. Jangan kutuk cikgu. Cikgu adalah pendidik, tanpa cikgu tak ada la doktor, engineer, arkitek dan kita tak akan berjaya.

Elakkan makan junk food, makanan yang mengandungi ajinomoto. Hal ini kerana makanan seperti ini akan melembabkan otak dan mengumpul toksik pada minda kita. Bila banyak toksik berkumpul, darah lambat bergerak, bila lambat bergerak, itu yang membuatkan kita lambat faham dengan sesuatu topik.

Orang yang bercinta tuh confirm tak pandai mathematics dan sains [Dr. Malik cakap] sebab biler bercinta dia akan cakap dekat kekasih dia "rindu tak jumpa satu hari sama dengan rindu tak jumpa setahun" buat penat belajar bertahun-tahun last-last benda nih yang dia dapat.
Ada jugak yang cakap "wajahmu secantik bulan purnama". Bukan ker bulan tuh mengerutu?? selain tuh, kapel tuh haram. So, jangan bercinta.

Kalau boleh tiap-tiap malam bangun buat solat tahajud. Selalu buat solat hajat. Jangan tunggu nak exam baru nak buat. Kalau mampu juga, puasa sunat Isnin dan Khamis.

Buat jadual. Kalau tak ada jadual, kita lebih banyak melakukan aktiviti yang sia-sia. Kenapa semua sekolah ada jadual?? Kalau tak ada, apa akan jadi?? Fikir-fikirkan lah.
Jangan baca buku ikut mood. Kalau cikgu nak masuk kelas ikut mood, apa akan jadi??, student complaint. Sama jugak macam kita, jangan ikut mood nak study.

Teaching is learning. Mengajar orang merupakan cara yang terbaik untuk mengusai sesuatu topik. Lagi banyak kita ajar orang, lagi banyak ilmu kita dapat. Jangan kedekut ilmu. Tanya kawan sebelah sama ada mereka faham atau tidak. Dengan ini jugak mengujikan sama ada kita sudah menguasai sesuatu topik atau tidak. Jika kita tidak menguasai sesuatu topik, masakan kita dapat mengajar orang.

Haa.. itulah ia antaranya yang aku dapat. Rasa macam nak pergi sekolah balik jer. Tiba-tiba semangat nak belajar tuh datang. Takpe-takpe, nanti masa dekat universiti/matriks aku cuba adaptasikan dan buat yang terbaik.
Selain tuh, aku dapat jugak..

Amalkan 6 makanan nieyh untuk menjana minda
1. TEMPE. [dapat membuang toksik dekat minda]
2. BAYAM. [sama jugak macam tempe]
3. PEGAGA. [nak lebih sedap, kisar dengan madu]
4. IKAN TONGKOL. [satu-satunya ikan yang ada omega yang sangat diperlukan oleh badan kita]
5. MENGKUDU. [dapat pecahkan toksik dekat minda]
6. alamak yang ke-6 nieyh lupa la plak. hehe..

Antara lawak Dr. Malik tuh kan.
Kenapa siput babi jalan lambat??
Jawapannya, kan orang kalau berfikir jalan lambat. So, Siput babi tuh sebenarnya sedang berfikir, aku nieyh siput ker babi?? siput ker babi??

Pastuh, orang asli nieyh memang susah sikit nak ajar mereka nieyh. Alkisahnya macam nieyh, ada orang tuh ajar orang asli yang baru masuk Islam nieyh. Orang tuh ajar, orang Islam tak boleh bela babi. Dekat perkampungan orang asli tuh pulak ada bela babi. Pastu, orang tuh pun pulang ke tempat asalnya. Seminggu lepas tuh, orang tuh datang balik. Orang tuh kagum, dalam masa seminggu jer babi-babi tuh dah tak ada, hilang. Dah tak ada babi-babi berkeliaran, habis licin. Orang tuh pun ajar la orang asli tuh. Habis saja kelas, orang tuh tanya kat orang asli nieyh, "Mana pergi semua babi-babi yang ada dekat sini??". Pastu, orang asli tuh pun jawab, "Kami makan kesemua babi yang ada". Orang tuh tanya "Kenapa makan babi?? Babi kan haram dimakan". Pastu orang asli tuh pun kata, "Tuan ajar kami tak boleh bela babi, tak kata pulak tak boleh makan babi".


Friday, January 8, 2010

mariah careyy

Keep It Real - Jonas Brothers

There came a day when the songs that you play
Are blasting through the speakers in your car
It comes in a flash and you hear the crowd
Screaming out your name for the encore

Living life
Life in the fast lane
Not that bad
No one can complain
Who's to say
That we won't keep it real
Hold on tight
Don't you dare let go
Now's the time to let the whole world know
You can shine bright but still keep it real

You know you'll be on the road
Selling out the tickets to your show
Where you're from you're still the one
You were before you left to go on tour

Living life
Life in the fast lane
Not that bad
No one can complain
Who's to say
That we won't keep it real
Hold on tight
Don't you dare let go
Now's the time to let the whole world know
You can shine bright but still keep it real

Did you ever think your dreams would become a reality?
And all you did was just believe

Living life
Life in the fast lane
Not that bad
No one can complain
Who's to say
That we won't keep it real

Living life
Life in the fast lane
Not that bad
No one can complain
Who's to say
That we won't keep it real
Hold on tight
Don't you dare let go
Now's the time to let the whole world know
You can shine bright but still keep it real

Thursday, January 7, 2010



ahhhhh.. sekali lagi! aku tak suka!
Tadi aku dah bincang elok-elok dengan mak aku. Mak aku nampaknya macam dah setuju nak masukkan ke kelas BI.
Kelas tuh dekat Bandar Seri Putra. Isnin sampai Khamis. Dari pukul 2.30ptg sampai 4.30ptg. Tapi bayaran dia agak mahal la RM650.
Kalau bagi aku kerja dari dulu kan dah ringan sikit beban tuh. Aku boleh guna duit gaji aku tuh untuk bayar yuran klas BI nieyh.

Aku ingat inilah harapan aku. Aku dapat rasakan seolah-olah ada satu cahaya yang datang. Yang menyinari hidup aku. Aku terlalu excited! Sampaikan aku minta pendapat cikgu kaunseling sekolah aku. Pendapat tentang patutkah aku bekerja sambilan atau mengambil kelas BI. Sesuatu perkara yang berbeza akan aku lalui selepas ini.

Sekali lagi menjadi igauan aku! Ia seolah-olah mimpi. Mimpi yang muncul sewaktu kita sedang tidur dan akan hilang setelah kita sedar dari tidur.
Begitulah yang aku alaminya tadi. Kenapa?? Mengapa??

Aku tak tahu apa lagi yang harus aku lakukan. Sampai biler aku harus bersabar?? sampai result spm keluar?? sampai aku dah nak masuk universiti??

Sesuatu perubahan tidak akan berlaku sekiranya kira sendiri yang tidak mahu mengubahnya.

Aku cukup terkilan. Sudah banyak kali aku cuba untuk menggubah kehidupan aku selepas spm. Tapi semuanya hancur. Hanya tinggal harapan. Aku sudah cukup baik minta pendapat, restu daripada parenz aku. Tapi.. setiap kali aku beritahu mereka, pasti mereka tidak setuju dengan aku.

Kalau benda tuh jahat, mereka tak setuju, aku tak kisahlah. Tapiiii..
Adakah patut untuk aku membuat sesuatu keputusan tanpa pengetahuan mereka??
Lepas aku dah lakukan sesuatu baru aku beritahu mereka?? Kalau aku ikutkan hati, YA sahaja. Buatlah apa yang aku nak buat tanpa pengetahuan mereka. Aku dah tak tahan lagi. Setiap kali aku mesej kawan-kawan aku, semuanya ada aktiviti tersendiri; ambik lesen, kerja. Tapi, tiap kali kawan aku tanya aku, apa yang aku jawab?? duduk rumah layan internet jer. Aku dah bosan. Aku dah bosan. Aku dah bosan!

Dan aku rasakan sekarang... Sesuatu yang sangat kuat.. Aku harus lakukan sendiri.. Tanpa pengetahuan mereka.. Tapi.. aku BUKAN jenis macam tuh!
Apa sahaja yang aku lakukan mesti sampai ke pengetahuan parenz aku. Tapi kalau keadaan macam ini terus berlaku... macam mana nieyh?? Tolonglah aku!

"Ya Allah, Engkau berilah aku petunjuk, hidayah dan pimpinlah aku ke jalan yang benar, jalan yang Engkau redhai...Sesungguhnya aku tidak tahu lagi apa yang patut aku lakukan. Setiap kali aku meminta pendapat kedua-dua ibu bapaku, pasti mereka tidak setuju dengan aku. Seribu alasan mereka berikan. Engkau bukakanlah hati mereka. Engkau berilah mereka hidayah supaya aku dapat lakukan yang terbaik untuk diriku ini... aminnnnn..."


MeNgiSi KekosoNgaN maSa~


huishhh.. hari ini seperti hari-hari yang aku lalui sebelum ini.
Sama sahaja, tak ada perbezaan. Cuma... hari ini mak aku pulang dari kedai belikan aku pau! pau kacang. Walaupun pau tu kurang menarik selera aku, tapi untuk menjaga hati aku makan jugak. Habis lagik! haha
pau ohh pau..

Aku peminat cerita Cucu Betong. Dah lama aku tengok cerita nih. Tak boleh miss. Kalo miss pun mesti tengok ulangannya pada sebelah malam. Kali ni episod dia agak menyedihkan. Kenapa watak Zaman terlalu cepat dimatikan?? Kesian isteri dia kena mengharungi hidup sorang-sorang dengan anaknya tu dah lalai dan dikuasai ilmu hitam. Mati pulak sebab kena langgar dengan kereta depan isteri dia lagi. Plus time tengah gaduh dengan isteri kedua pulak tuh. Sedih betul. Haishh.. tak sabar rasanya nak tunggu esok. Nak tengok sambungan cerita tu.

Image Hosted by

Dan hari ni aku amat tertarik dengan mesej kawan aku. Mesej dia berbunyi:-

"Jangan berdukacita dengan apa yang tidak diperoleh, tetapi teruskan bersyukur dengan apa yang telah dianugerahkan dan diberikan yakni NIKMAT"

dan juga

"Allah telah menghilangkan matahari.. Allah duga kita dengan ribut dan petir.. Kita tertanya-tanya kenapa.. Lepas tu, fikir kembali.. Rupa-rupanya Allah hadiahkan kita pelangi.. yang mengindahkan lagi dinihari"

aku amat sukakan mesej ini. Mesej ini membuatkan aku terfikir sejenak. Ramai lagi yang mempunyai nasib yang lagi teruk daripada aku. Mesej ini jugak membuatkan aku bersyukur dengan segala nikmat yang diperoleh, Alhamdulillah. Syukur aku dapat kawan seperti dia. Dia seolah-olah tahu apa yang sedang aku fikirkan walaupun kami tinggal berjauhan. Sayang kauuu my friend.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010



Ahhh.. aku tak suka kehidupan selepas spm ni! amat membosankan!
apa aku nak semua tak boleh! nak gain experience pun tak boleh!
macam-macam alasan bagi. Bukannya aku nak buat kerja jahat. Kalau betullah aku jahat, masa dekat sekolah lagi aku dah tunjukkan.

kawan-kawan aku semua dapat pengalaman baru. aku?? apa yang aku dapat??
majoriti kawan aku semua ambik lesen. aku?? kena tunggu dapat tawaran.
biler?? 20 atau 21 tahun nanti. okay fine! aku ikut. aku terima sebab abang aku dulu pun nak ambik lesen pun tunggu dapat tawaran. adil la kan. aku tak protes.

kawan aku ajak aku join wwf dekat jenjarom, dapat lagi seribu alasan.
Katanya tempat itu temple la, baik buat amal kat masjid ke surau ke. ok Fine aku ikut.

Petang tadi aku dapat mesej daripada sorang kawan aku, katanya ayah dia sudah daftarkan dia kursus belajar memandu. Walaupun kursus jer at least dia ada jugak aktiviti lepas spm. aku?? apa yang aku ada?? setakat menghadap internet jer, semua orang pun boleh!

Mak aku suruh aku cari kat internet mengenai Stamford College dekat Melaka tuh. aku dah dapat maklumat daripada kawan-kawan aku dah. dekat situ ada program pra-universiti. ada belajar speaking, skills, interview apa semua la. okay la, aku terima la. suruh aku tinggal dengan nenek aku. aku no hal. tak kisah, nenek aku jugak, kesian jugak dia duduk sorang-sorang. suruh aku naik bas pergi Stamford College tuh tak tahan. tambang?? mana nak cekau duit?? takkan nak minta nenek aku kot. malu la beb! minta duit tambang dengan nenek.

HURMMM.. tadi kawan aku tu ajak aku kerja dekat Old TOwn white coffee dekat Warta. Aku ingatkan inilah peluang aku untuk gain experience! tapi semuanya menjadi igauan. Sama jugak, macam-macam alasan bagi. Tapi alasan yang aku tak boleh terima, mak aku cakap Warta tu jauh. Iwan dulu boleh pulak kerja dekat situ. Boleh pulak hantar. Mana adil macam ini. Asal aku jer, nak yang dekat, kalau boleh taknak jauh-jauh. Hantar aku belajar dekat Serting boleh pulak. Lagi jauh. Nasib baik aku ni bukan macam anak orang lain yang mengamuk tak tentu hala biler benda yang diingini tidak dipenuhi.

Aku terus bersabar. Aku tahu setiap perkara yang berlaku pasti ada hikmahnya. Lagi banyak bersabar, lagi besar hikmahnya. Walaupun kecewa, tapi apakan daya segala yang parenz kita buat itu untuk kebaikan diri kita jugak. Walaupun tak dapat sekarang, tapi aku yakin, suatu hari nanti Allah pasti akan tunjukkan sesuatu yang mungkin diluar sangkaan aku. Saper tahu??
Hurmmm.. segalanya aku dah ceritakan apa yang sudah lama terbuku dekat hati ini. satu-satu orang yang tahu pasal benda ini kawan aku sorang dari Melaka.
Terima kasih banyak2 dekat dia sebab sudi dengar masalah aku. Aku harap persahabatan kita ni kekal sehingga ke akhir hayat. Sayang kauuuu.


Mengikis tabiat buruk


Ermm.. hari ni aku nak kongsikan sikit cara untuk mengikis tabiat buruk.
Setiap orang pasti ada tabiat buruk yang tersendiri. Sama ada sedar atau tidak.
Tabiat buruknya seperti mengumpat, malas, tidak menjaga kebersihan dan sebagainya.
Sesetengah tabiat buruk itu boleh dilihat dengan jelas pada kelakuan seharian. Contohnya :
1. Setiap kali menjamah makanan, kuah lauk yang diceduk ke pinggan pasti tertumpah terkena alas meja.
2. Tabiat suka meminjam barang orang. Pantang barang itu dia suka pasti diminta pinjam.
3. Pasti ada perkara yang diumpatnya setiap kali diajak berbual.
4. Suka mencari kesalahan orang lain dan tidak menerima pandangan dari orang. Segala yang dikeluarkan daripada mulutnya sahaja yang betul.

Pasti ramai yang mahu mengikis tabiat buruk tersebut tetapi tidak tahu cara yang betul untuk mengatasinyakan ;)

1. Lakukan perubahan secara perlahan

Jangan lakukan secara drastik kerana hal ini akan menyebabkan kita cepat putus asa dan kembali semula pada tabiat lama.

2. Sentiasa beringat

Kita pasti ada ditegur oleh sahabat-sahabat kita, ibu bapa, guru dan sesiapa sahaja mengenai tabiat buruk kita. Sentiasalah beringat agar kita tidak mengulangi tabiat tersebut pada masa akan datang.

3. Mesti ada kemahuan dan semangat yang tinggi

Dalam pepatah Melayu pun ada berkata "Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih". Jika kita mahukan sesuatu pasti kita akan mengusahakannya sehingga kita berjaya. Jika kita memang tidak mahu berubah, masakan kita mampu berubah.

4. Muhasabah diri

Selami dan fahami tabiat buruk kita. Fikirkan natijah yang akan terjadi jika kita terus mempraktikkan tabiat buruk itu.

5. Sabar

Jangan mudah berputus asa jika anda masih mengulangi tabiat buruk tersebut. Memang tabiat buruk susah untuk dibuang. Ini kerana, perubahan melalui tahap dan proses yang panjang. Mungkin kita beringat untuk tidak melakukannya sekarang. Namun, tanpa disedari kita mengulangi semula tabiat buruk itu kemudian harinya.

6. Berdoa

Berdoalah memohon pada Tuhan agar tabiat buruk itu dapat anda buang. Setelah berusaha bersungguh-sungguh dan diiringi dengan doa, insyaAllah lama-kelamaan tabiat buruk itu dapat dibuang dari dalam diri kita.


Monday, January 4, 2010

hepi bday!!


H O L L A !!
da lama rasenya tak edit blog nieyh.. ngeh2!
pejam celik, pejam celik, dah masuk sudah tahun 2010!
selamat tinggal 2009, selamat datang 2010!
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Semoga tahun 2010 ini memberikan ku peluang untuk memperbaiki segala kelemahan diriku ini.
Berikan ku kekuatan dalam mengharungi liku-liku hidup dan dalam mengenal erti persahabatan yang tulus.
Pada zaman ini, sukar untuk kita mencari sahabat yang benar-benar menjadi sahabat sejati kita.
Kadang-kadang kita tidak sedar, yang kita rapat itulah yang akan menjauhkan diri daripada kita,
tanpa disedari, yang rapat itulah yang mengkhianati kita,
dan tanpa disedari, yang rapat itulah yang mudah dipersia dan yang musuh itulah tak semestinya selamanya.
Kadang-kadang aku terfikir, siapakah sahabat aku sebenarnya??
Siapakah yang benar-benar ikhlas berkawan dengan aku??
Memang sukar untuk kita mencari sahabat yang betul-betul ikhlas untuk menjalinkan persahabatan dengan kita.
Tetapi yang musuh kita itulah yang kadang-kadang setia dengan kita.
Yang kita tak suka itulah yang ikhlas berkawan dengan kita.
Oleh itu, hargailah orang yang ikhlas berkawan dengan kita(:
Jikalau dapat yang buruk akhlaknya, cubalah bimbingnya ke arah yang betul.
Apa gunanya berkawan jika kita tidak menegur kesilapan kawan kita??
Kita sebagai kawan mempunyai tanggungjawab untuk membimbing kawan-kawan kita ke arah kebaikan bukan ke kancah maksiat.
Seorang kawan yang baik, selalu menegur kesilapan kawannya itu :D

ari nieyh merupakan ari yg penuh bermakna bg sume plajar..
baik utk plajar skola rendah mahupun skolah menengah..
welcome backk tuhh daa school!! >,< dann ari jugakk merupakan ari penting bg 2 org yg kukenali.. 1stly utk buddy aku, the 1st and the last,, daa one annd only,

Nieza (happy sweet 16!)

2ndly for my gd fren

Maisarah! (happy sweet 18!)

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May ALL Your Wishes Come True!