Monday, February 1, 2010

jog! yeahhh~


Finally, I did it! I jog only for 25 minutes. At least I did something. I know it was not like what I have said before but I have changed my lifestyle and this is because of my sister too. I also want to help in her lifestyle. She is on her way getting fat, fat and fat. Her weight is almost same as me with the 163cm. She also becomes lazier. She always keeps seeking for me help to her do something. Ohh man.. She is really lazy and crazy. She does not want to do any works. She keeps asking me to done it. As a good sister LOL, I just listen in her. Sometimes, I got say “nieyh la dia, gemuk yang pemalas! Nak simpan lemak-lemak yang dah sememangnya banyak dalam badan tuhh! Baguslah tuhh.. kumpul lagi banyak-banyak eh!” After that, I will laugh at her so that she will not take it seriously.

I have started learn on how to solve Rubik’s cube. I enjoyed learning the Rubik’s cube. In my mind, I was only thinking if my friends could solve it why I cannot. I took about 2 hours to learn and 3 hours to solve it. I have passed the base, first layer and second layer. The third layer, I almost done with it but I am still cannot find my mistake. I am still not sure how to solve it. However, I believe in myself that I could find it later. I will solve it! My little brother has his own Rubik’s cube but does not know how to use. He only knew how solve the base. Never mind, I will teach him how to solve the Rubik’s cube later.

Hey, I want to share the 3X3 Rubik’s cube formula with you people. To make it easy to memorizes, you need to find out yourself why the motion must to be like that. That is what I am doing now. In addition, it is works! Imagine that I do not need to look at the formula frequently. I just looked at the formula only once. Check it out!

(step 1) – base + 1st layer
Ri, U, Fi, Ui

D, Ri, Di, R

(step 2) – 2nd layer
U, R, Ui, Ri, Ui, Fi, U, F

Ui, Fi, U, F, U, R, Ui, Ri

(step 3) – 3rd layer
F, R, U, Ri, Ui, Fi

R, U, Ri, U, R, U, U, Ri,

R, U, Ri, U, R, U, U, Ri, U(depends)

U, R, Ui, Li, U, Ri, Ui, L

(Final step).
Ri, Di, R, D

Maybe someone could not understand what the formula stand for, right. Well,

U - upper
R - right
F - front
L - left
D - down
I – inverted

For details, check it out at this site. This video is in Malay version. You could find another video if you searching for English version(:

(part 1)>

(part 2)>

(part 3)>


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