Thursday, January 28, 2010

my birthdayy cardd! xoxo~


ii'll write fully in english on my blog to improve my English. Although my english is sucked, for me, it is only for this moment. Practices make perfect! yeahh!!

aduish!! today ii was having flu. They really make me feel uncomfortably. ii had this flu since yesterdayy. it's really disturbing me while ii'm sleeping last night.


I'm so happy todayy :DD
ii have received a birthday card from my best friend :D
The card is so COOL! ii really LOVE it! ii never received such a big birthday card from my friends. The card is made by herself. Very special one. haha
ii really appreciate that card! Thank you darling! ngeh2~
These are few pictures of the card.

ii also got Rm10 from her. The money was given by our maths teacher, Miss Tengku. She cut the money and gave me half. She said that someday we will make the money come together. yeahh! ii promise to keep this money and the card properly. ii'll keep my words! xoxoxo


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