Sunday, February 28, 2010

my workkk ohhh~


I have been busy nowadays. My shift is at 3pm until 11pm. I went back at 12.34am yesterday. For the first time I went home so late. I started close my counter at 11pm something. During closing my counter, I had not enough receipt for ‘touch and go’. I do not know what to do on that time. I just let it be gone.

Next, I am looking for Kiffah book. I need write the reports about the Kiffah. I have wasted my time in finding the Kiffah Book. I am not sure how long is but I am sure that it took so long. I am like a crazy person on that time. I was looking for Kiffah book everywhere. After I realized that it is 12.40am already, I started to count cigarettes.

There are many sorts of cigarettes. Such as, Dunhill 20, 18, Dunhill lights 20, 18, Dunhill menthol 20, Dunhill Fine Cuts, Winston 20, 18, Winston lights 20, 18, camel lights, soft, 20, 18, LM, Marlboros, Evolutions, Lucky Strikes, Bensons, and Salem. Although there got the soft pack but it still bad for our healthy.

After finished counting the cigarettes, I was looking for Kiffah Book again. Seriously, I have waste my time finding the book! I felt like giving up and I just wanted to continue about the Kiffah thing tomorrow. I came back to the counter I asked Din (the worker who shift at 11pm until 7am) what should I do cause I could not find the Kiffah Book. Then he asked me to try looking at the one file.

Finally, I found it! I am so happy. I finish my work quickly and I immediately took my bag and back to home. I arrived at my home at 12.45am.


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