Friday, April 2, 2010



Fuhh... long time I have not post any entries here. Busy with my ‘WORK’. I do not know what kind of work I did actually. What I know is I did the work for people. Get it? I do not think that you could understand what I mean actually. I am sick of these. I worked at 7am until 7pm everyday. Finally, the benefits come to other workers instead of me. I should get it! Unlucky to me, I cannot make it. I was wondering what I would do if I own it soon already. HMPH. I lied myself. I said to myself that I was dreaming actually. Yeahh. DREAMING! Uh

Finally, I decided to quit. I cannot stand anymore. At first, I decided to stay until the end of the month and got one worker wanted to take unpaid leave. She really hopes that if I really want to quit, I could quit after she leave. I could not stay until that period. Sorry sis, I cannot make it. I am tired. I am sick. I cannot stand anymore. I need to face everything that I do not like everyday. This is because of got one-worker keeps nagging. I really hate that. Nag, nag and nag. That is all what she known. Maybe she is too heavy or too lazy to do works. She only wants to have a seat.

I really hate her. Absolutely I do! I hate her lots. She was not only keep nagging at me but she also keeps blaming me. Blaming me in everything and she is so ‘PERFECT’. Yeah. She thinks that she is always right and perfect. The thing that I really cannot accept is she keeps blaming me in taken the touch ‘n’ go money or epay money. Every time if the money was not enough, she will say “Mesti ada kat adila tuhh”. PANAS! I know that I had short in early month with in large amount, but it does not mean that I steal the money to pay my short. I repeat, I DO NOT steal any money from the counter for that.

Everyday, every time when the money not enough, I will be the one, Suspect! S***! I go to school everyday FOR WHAT if finally I become a thief. Day by day, I just wait, wait and wait until on day, my father came at my place. He met my boss. They were discussing something. It might be about my short. After that, I decided to quit. They made me become confident with my decision. I QUIT. The next day, I went to my work place and I wanted to meet boss. Unfortunately, he is out for lunch. Therefore, I passed my letter to supervisor with hope that she will pass to boss.

Even though I have quit from working, I still contact with one of worker. She is nice. I am so glad to know her. Even though she did something wrong in past but I believe that she had changed. She knows what is right and what is wrong. Well, I hope that our friendship is long lasting :))


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