Sunday, January 31, 2010

weight loss~


What should I post today huh?? Today my brother come back home! He arrived at 9.20p.m I guess. Today feeling is not bad. Oh ya, I want to loss weight. I also want to keep maintaining my weight and stamina. This is because of one of my friends realized me the importance of maintaining weights. She is so excited when talking about this. She keeps reminding me about the past. I was a fat girl on that time. She said that those who have obesity history, they could not loss their weight after they have come back to obesity. This fact really makes me worries about myself because I do not care anymore about my weight after I have graduated in a boarding school.

I have determined that I have to maintain my stamina and my weight. I want to achieved my weight around 55kg to 58 kg. I do not think so I could be lesser than that. It is impossible. Yeah. I do not want so skinny. It is enough to be at that weight. I have planned that I should start on next Monday. In addition, I have thought what I should do on the next Monday. Errmm... there are the activities that will be listing down.

Monday, Feb 1, 2010
6.15a.m – wake up for Subuh prayer
7.30a.m – jogging
8.30a.m – walks
9.00a.m – cycling
10.00a.m – breakfast
11.30a.m – watch Love in the Vineyard (Chinese drama)
12.30noon – online
1.30p.m – perform my Zuhur prayer + lunch
2.00p.m – paints my bedroom wall

At night, facebook-ing xD


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