Saturday, November 6, 2010


oh well, ii just came back from uiaa..
the results wass ..................
ii had not been in English class for 2 weeks alreadyy..
next monday ii am going back to my previous group which is 64!
with 38 students in a small room..duhhh =.='
ii hope that it won't be permanently..

Lately, ii feel something strange with my friends.
They keep something secret behind me
They like don’t want to share anything with me
Why?? Why this could happen??
ii know it comes from one of my friends
ii know she is having a problem
ii don’t know what her problem is
She does not want to share it with me
She came to class and showed her bad mood on last Wednesday
She like can’t accept my jokes anymore
ii don’t know why
Why she had changed??
Is it because ii got to go to level 6??
She keeps saying “budak exempted…,budak exempted..blablabla”
What is wrong with you, dear??
Seriously, I don’t like it every time you say like that
I never proud of this...
Yes, I am HAPPY because I got to go to level 6 but at the same time I am sad
I am SO SAD because ;
1. I need to move to other group,
2. We could not be in the same class like before,
3. We could not do the project together
Do you know that??
Have you ever know what my feeling is??
Can you read what is on my mind on that time??
do you know that ii have a problem at the same time??
whyy do you do like this to me??
it is not my fault, ii never ask to be like this
every time ii see youu,
all those words (budak exempted….budak exempted...blablabla)
like whispering at my ear
seriously ii don't like it..
ii CAN'T STAND anymore..

do you know how happy ii was when youu told me that we are going to Ulu Yam, One Utama, taman layang2??
on the next day, ii had changed my mindd..
ii said that im going back home..
do youu know why ii suddenly change my mindd??
because of youu.. yes, it is YOU!
ii can't stand with those words..
when ii asked youu when we are going to speak English again,
andd you repliedd me "budak exempted mana sama level english dgn kteorg..dia punya english power..blablabla"
it HURTS me a lot..
so, ii decided to go back home..
ii am SORRY! ii didn't mean it
but,, you hadd forced me to do so
perhaps, youu like it because ii could not join you guys, right??

ii don't have anything to say anymore.. speechless T.T
what can ii say is, if anything changes in me, I'M SORRY


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