Friday, December 31, 2010


heyy! i'm backk.. okayyy.. juz came back from Genting..yeahh..andd ii had having sooo muchh fun there..ii wish ii could be there again but this time might be with my friends :D
ii'm starting to get out from my comfort zone :D yeahh..that's is my new year vow..oppsss..not new year yet..but well, 6 more hours to go okayy..

my mid sem exam seems so far alhmdulillah but ii cannot say anything because errr...juz forget it..but ii knew my EIG test result already for report andd ii got band 6! yeahhhh! alhmdulillahh..unbelievable..ii never thought that ii will get band 6..andd now i'm waiting for the others..ii hope ii can get band 6 for writing and speaking and not to forget on my reading arabic results alhmdulillah i'm passed! 25 out of 30 andd ii hope ii can be exemptedd from taking arabic for the next sem..ngee~

ermm..okay, last tuesday ii watched malays drama and it's about migraine..quite interesting because ii have migraine..he said that there are two types of migraines which are common and classic migraine..the common migraine is when the sufferer will feel headache ONLY while classic migraine sufferer will feel headache and cannot expose to light..and classic migraine seems that it's in critical situation which can lead to brain cancer..

and today ii wannt to share about the ways how to prevent migraine..

The first part is understanding your body. There will be certain things in your life that trigger your migraine attacks. It might be stress, too much coffee, dairy products or chocolate. Actually these would be the main causes for most types of migraines so let's look at migraine prevention based on each of these 4 triggers.

Migraines caused by stress
You need to remove or reduce the stress in as much as you can. That's sometimes easier said than done. If you can't eliminate the cause of the stress then you need to integrate relaxation techniques such as meditation and deep breathing into your life.

Migraines caused by caffeine
Cut out the coffee. Swap over to tea instead. Tea still contains a certain amount of caffeine so if you find that you still experience migraines from that then you can always use soy coffee instead. Caffeine related migraines are self inflicted. The power to prevent is in your hands.

Migraines caused by dairy products
Again the rememedy is straight forward. Reduce the amount of dairy products you consume (especially cheese) and where possible replace them entirely with their soya counterparts.

Migraines caused by chocolate
Don't eat so much chocolate. If you have to have chocolate then try eating dark chocolate instead of plain dairy. I've found that his does help a little bit.

True migraine prevention is a change in lifestyle and understanding. It's also vitally important that you become familiar with exactly how you feel at the very start of a migraine attack when your trigger kicks in. The more you understand the emotional, psychological and physical changes that occur within you during an attack the better you can work towards stopping them happening.

It comes down to this. Your migraines are caused by triggers. To really, really prevent a migraine attack you need to know your triggers and you need to minimize or eliminate them as much as you can and as often as you can.


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