Thursday, October 21, 2010

result just crossed on my mindd~~

hiyarrkk!! today is Oct 21, 2010 alreadyy.. anddd
ii am going back to uia on this sundayy..

after ii had been through the examination about a month ago,
finally ii got the results..
alhmdulillah, everything was fine
although the results wasn't as my friend expectedd but it would be fine to really appreciate it..
ii know, ii didn't really struggle for my final but ii can got such that results especially for my fardu 'ain..ii got 4.0 for that subject..unbelievable! thank you Allah =D

a bit disappointedd 'bout my english results..
overall ii got band 5.5 which is level 5..
yes, ii got to go to the next level but my hope was something like band 6..
it will makes me satisfieddd cuz my friends got 6 for their english!
it's ok, ii will try my best.. keep improving, practising englishh..well, pray for me
ii will come back to cfs with ;
~ 1 hope
~ 1 determination
~ 1 desire
~ 1 target
haha..okayy, that's all for noww..go go chaiiyokkk!!


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