Wednesday, December 28, 2011

business thingy

assalamualaikum wbt

hey peeps! haha
I went out this afternoon
guess what my mom and I bought ?
BLOUSES!! yeahh
I'm gonna involve myself in business world

I'll make it with my friend
gonna have chocolate cakes, blouses, jubah, shawl insyaAllah
and now I'm still looking for some interesting names for my blog
the place where I'll promote our stuffs hehe
okay little bit excited
but I'm just too scared if I become too busy soon
till I have no time for my studies

whatever it is
I'll make sure that I'll score in my exams
because next year gonna be my last semester in UIA PJ
4FLAT would be mine!!
or I must get DEAN LIST at least
I'll leave that place with lots of sweet memories. insyaAllah :)

by the way,
4 more days to go
wow!! I cant believe it
I'm gonna be 20!!

well, let's prepare for the next wars! :P
good luck all


Tuesday, December 27, 2011


assalamualaikum wbt

oh okay I know I didnt update my blog these few days
I just finished watching Dragon Ball Z session 1 on Youtube
and now I'm waiting for session 2 to be uploaded ^^

hey, back to the title
I've fallen in love with Aishiteru song sings by Zivilia Band
I'm not interested with this song at first
but somehow I don't know and always wonder why I love this song so much lately

sesuatu yang sangat mengebalkan bagiku
Saat ku harus bersabar dan trus bersabar
Menantikan kehadiran dirimu

Entah sampai kapan aku harus menunggu
Sesuatu yang sangat sulit tuk ku jalani
Hidup dalam kesendirian sepi tanpamu
Kadang ku berpikir cari penggantimu
Saat kau jauh di sana

Walau raga kita terpisah jauh
Namun hati kita selalu dekat
Bila kau rindu pejamkan matamu
Dan rasakan a a a aku

Kekuatan cinta kita takkan pernah rapuh
Terhapus ruang dan waktu 
Percayakan kesetiaan ini
Pada ketulusan a a ai aishiteru

Gelisah sesaat saja tiada kabarmu kucuriga
Entah penantian ku takkan sia-sia
Dan berikan satu jawaban pasti

Entah sampai kapan aku harus bertahan
Saat kau jauh di sana rasa cemburu
Merasuk ke dalam pikiran ku melayang
Tak tentu arah tentang dirimu
Apakah sama yang kau rasakan

Walau raga kita terpisah jauh
Namun hati kita selalu dekat
Bila kau rindu pejamkan matamu
Dan rasakan a a a aku

Kekuatan cinta kita takkan pernah rapuh
Terhapus ruang dan waktu 
Percayakan kesetiaan ini
Pada ketulusan a a ai aishiteru

Saatku sendiri pikiran melayang terbang
Perasaan resah gelisah
Jalani kenyataan hidup
tanpa ghairah o..ou..

Lupakan segala obsesi and ambisi mu
Akhiri semuanya
Cukup sampai di sini
Dan buktikan pengorbanan cintamu untuk ku
Ku mohon kau kembali

Kimi ga touku ni itemo
Ki no omoi ga tsunagaru kara

Walau raga kita terpisah jauh
Namun hati kita selalu dekat
Bila kau rindu pejamkan matamu
Dan rasakan a a a aku

Kekuatan cinta kita takkan pernah rapuh
Terhapus ruang dan waktu 
Percayakan kesetiaan ini
Pada ketulusan a a ai aishiteru :)


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tiring Journey

assalamualaikum wbt

ermm...I don't feeling like want to write an inspiring post nor something that brings benefits to readers. I'm kinda not well right now. Headache. ~.~
yeah, really.
I had been stuck in jammed.
about an hour! from UIA to midvalley
then, another hour in KTM with no seats for me
why not, there're lots of people around
in malay we called it macam tin sardin to describe the situation(in the train)

Furthermore, my friends and I cannot park our car at malls
we went to Midvalley Megamall at first
we can't find the 'parking'
then, we planned to go to The Curve
unfortunately, we can't find it..haha
next, we went to One Utama
the same thing happened when we were at Midvalley Megamall
finally, we ended up at seksyen 14, Petaling Jaya
near to Digital Mall.. haha

from one mall to another mall
there was a really bad traffic jammed
Instance, it had made a tiring journey.

I went to UIA to finish up my proposal, 
and I thought I have done with it. 
Unfortunately, on my way home, 
I just realized that I forgot to put on my signature. 
sigh~ >.<

Then, I text my fellow about it
I hope she would understand 
cuz I didn't do any proposal such a long time.
so, that means I've forgotten a bit about the procedure

okay I want to go sleep right now
I wanna get some rest
see ya next time ;)


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

only when your lonely

assalamualaikum wbt

Hi, we meet again ^.^
how are you ya ? hope everything goes well :)
I don't know why suddenly I'm eager to update my blog.
It's not like before where I'm too lazy to update it, neither I'm busy nor free.


okay just wanna share with you guys
tomorrow I'll be going to uia
the place where I'm studying
but currently I'm on semester break vacation
and will be back on InsyaAllah 9th January 2012
I think so XD

Why am I will be going there ?
hmm...should I answer that question ? haha 

okay while updating my blog, me playing a game,
The Sims Social, one of the games on facebook.. haha


After all the things you put me through, still I come right back
But now I know the truth, I can finally see
You only want me when you're lonely 
If I say I'm gonna leave, that's the only time you want me
Next time you need me there I won't make it
Another late night call I won't take it
Cos now i finally see, you only want me when you're lonely

Had me fooled from the start and I quickly gave my heart
COS I LOVE YOU, love you, love you
But this is what happens when you're a lonely girl with no one to touch you
Now I'm stronger, don't need you any longer
So get off your knees, your words don't mean anything

Oh nothing's ever changing, decisions you can't make it
You just think of yourself and never me at all
If you're with your friend, you just leave me alone
But i won't allow it anymore, so it's time for me to move on

I can finally see, you only want me when you're lonely 
If I say I'm gonna leave, that's the only time you want me 
Next time you need me there I won't make it
Another late night call I won't take it
Cos now I finally see, you only want me when you're lonely

I love those words <3
they suit thou.
credits to bruno mars :)


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

it's planning time

assalamualaikum wbt

hello there we meet again
heeyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!  >.<

okay these few days I have been busy in planning a trip
where to ?
in malay, Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam(TBNSA)

for your information,
Shah Alam National Botanical Garden (TBNSA) which was previously known as
Malaysia Agriculture Park (TPM) and which was initially known as

insyaAllah it will be held on 28th January 2012 (Saturday)
and limited to 100 participants
based on 1st come 1st serve service
and of course it's only open for CFS IIUM students
I need to mention it since my blog can be read by people from all around the world
and it's limited to my hisbah members only..hehe
if there is any available space, I will open it to other hisbah members

okay, the entrance fee is RM3 for adult, 
RM1 for senior citizens(55years old and above) and children(6-11years old) 
FREE for visitors aged 6 years and below, orphanage and the Disable

The attractions in this park are: 
  • Animals Park
  • Ornamental Park
  • 4 Seasons Temperate House
  • Spices & Beverage House
  • Cactus Garden
  • Tropical Fruit Garden
  • Pool C
  • Mystery Tunnel
  • Sungai Baru Dam
  • Sungai Air Kuning Dam
  • Malaysian Village
This is the most wanted place that I wanna visit.

as you can see,
4 Seasons Temperate House is currently in WINTER season
that's why I wanna go there!! ^.^
I've never been in overseas, playing the snow thingy
and can you see the garden temperature on the picture ?
it's below 0 degree
-2 to -7 degree.. hoho
COOL, right ?

hey, take note ;
November - February         WINTER  
March - May                      SPRING   
June - August                      SUMMER
September - November      AUTUMN

and we have to pay before enter to this place
yupp, it's additional fee here
RM3 for adult(12years and above),
RM1 for children(4-11 years old),
FREE for visitors aged 4 and below and the Disable.

for further information
do visit Official Portal of Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam :)

p/s : I do not own any pictures in this post
credits to for those pictures :D


Monday, December 19, 2011

holiday of the year

assalamualaikum wbt

Hi peeps!!
oh yeahh I just came back from holiday..hehe
I had been away holiday for a week..
hey, guess where did I go for holiday..

what island is this?

view from cable car..currently 600m above the sea level

still don't get it??

here it is!!

 yeah, I went to Langkawi Island a couple of days ago
and it's right after the Pesta Lima week
I went there with my family
Unfortunately, both of my brothers cannot join this holiday

We spent on chocolates more!!
kinder bueno, kit kat, cadbury, toblerone, daim, hershey's kisses and some products from nestle, I can't remember the name
oh ya, my mom did spent on kain batik too!!
that's what people always looking for when they come here

she bought kain batik at padang matsirat where makam mahsuri located at
I know little bit the history of this place
the history of the late Mahsuri bt Pandak Mayah
then, we went to muzium and a place named Beras Terbakar

beras terbakar!! my mom said on the time she went there around 1989-1991,
visitors can see the dark paddy..seems like dark spot on a plain A4 paper
and also can touch em'!! it was like a sand..oh

the next day, we went to Langkawi Cable car
queued up to 2 hours but be in the cable car only for 15minutes!! 
overall I enjoyed the journey from peak to peak of the hills even though I'm fear of height..hehe
here a short video when I was in cable car

you can see Telaga Tujuh in this video
(I think it is Air Terjun Telaga Tujuh..If I'm wrong please let me know ya :) )

and here enjoy watching these pictures

Oriental Village Langkawi

a very long queue to be in cable car 

that is cable car!!


Cenang Beach

going back to hotel.. BYE!!
p/s: don't want to make it large xD

okayy, that's all for today..
wanna watch chinese drama on tv
see ya next post


Monday, December 12, 2011

learn from mistake

assalamualaikum wbt

hello peeps!!
just a short post today
what can you conclude from the dialogue below..

Pengemis : Pak Cik! Kasihanilah saya, saya orang bisu.
Bapak : La? Orang bisu tak kan bleh cakap lak?
Pengemis : Eh, salah! Orang tuli, Pak Cik!
Bapak : Tak kan bleh mendengar?
Pengemis : Eh, bukan! Orang buta, Pak Cik!
Bapak : (Sambil mengeluarkan wang receh) Tidak ada duit!!
Pengemis : Itu ada tiga ratus !
Bapak : Katanya buta, tak kan boleh melihat?
Pengemis : Salah lagi. Orang gila, Pak Cik!!

resource : facebook ~> informasi malaysia 


Saturday, December 10, 2011

gimme a reason

"Everytime I close my eyes, all I see is you"
"Why I can't feel my heart"
"Why I can't concentrate"
"Anywhere I go, I know you're always there"

I dunno why I keep listening to I Miss You song
perhaps I'm missing someone..
yeah, I think so
I always want to meet one
I got saved some money to treat that person someday

 you might think that the person I mean is my boyfriend
but hey, guess what
it's totally WRONG!! hahaha!!
okayy, that person is a woman hahaha!

actually, I just wanna show my APPRECIATION towards her
that's all
she helped me a lot
and she did spent on me too! 
she often treat me dinner
see how lucky I am to get know her. XD

and the reason is I'M MISSING YOU
okay, that's all what I can say
Anywhere I go, I always think that she's always there
I know it sounds ridiculous(I just changed few words from the lyrics haha :P)
but hey,
she fills my world with so much hope
and when she around, I can see the best of me inside her eyes
in short, she brings the best of me,
she always remind me about religion too!
love that

"You got a way of spreading magic everywhere 
Anywhere I go, I know you're always there 
It sounds ridiculous, but when you leave a room 
There's a part of me that just wants to follow you too 
Because I miss you 
And this is all I wanna say 
I guess I miss you, beautiful 
These three words have said it all 
You know I miss you 
I think about you when you're gone 
I guess I miss you, nothing's wrong 
I don't need to carry on" -Darren Hayes; I Miss You