Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just A Dream

I was thinking bout her, thinking bout me
Thinking bout us, what's it gonna be
Open my eyes, it was only just a dream
So I travel back, down that road
Hope she come back, no one knows
I realize that it was only just a dream

Let me tell you about a girl who changed my world
I don’t know just how she’s doin’ that
she’s on my mind, she’s takin’ my time
I’m loosin’ my way but now she’s bringin’ me back

She’s my Ipod, I got her on REPLAY
I LOVE THE WAY SHE LIES and she’s making me wanna say
We like DYNAMITE, and I just can’t get enough

What goes up must come down
now baby your not around
I’m laying all alone in the middle of the night

JUST A DREAM~~ yeah,
Finally ii’m back to post new entry after a month ii didn’t come back home.
Lately, ii’m engrossed with JUST A DREAM song by Jason Chen and Joseph Vincent.
and ii have done editing the song to be use as my ringtone. hehe

Let's forget about this song for awhile.
Well, ii just had be sitting for my mid semester examination. A bit disappointed in Mathematics because ii cannot answer the questions well. Physics, ii have no idea what to say but ii am really sure that ii did CARELESS mistake(s). and Arabic ermmm.. the questions quite easy but if ii do not know what the words mean, for sure ii cannot be able answer the questions. Blablabla.. This semester is not as good as my previous semester. ii cannot really focus on my studies..gaspp! Never mind, my aim after mid semester break is ii want to focus on studies, forget the past and wake up! continue with new life!

okay, ii want to continue with what ii did today..err..ii mean yesterdayy because it's 2.28am alreadyy. after Arabic paper ii went to Pusat Sains Negara and there is a Discovery of Dinosaurs Alive. All about dinosaurs and here are a number of pictures that ii snapped ;

there are carnivores and herbivores dinosaurs. that's all what ii know =P

cutey baby dinosaurs!

One of the carnivores dinosaurs


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