Friday, August 26, 2011

what a busy week

assalamualaikum wbt

fuhh alhamdulillah
finally i can go through all the busiest part before eid celebration patiently
why am i say so ?
on friday, saturday and sunday, i was busy looking for sponsorship for eid celebration
which will be held on 10-11 September 2001 at IIUM PJ

monday and tuesday, me busy in distributing kuih raya
wednesday, busy with comp quiz in the morning
and my class ended at 6pm, and chocolate cakes arrivedd
and i had group discussion about snake and ladder project at night..
then, at 10pm i went for MOD meeting till 12.40am

slept at 2+am since there were a lot of messages
asking about the kuih raya and chocolate cakes
then i woke up at 5am for sahur and study for my chemist quiz, at 8am..
i spent only about one and half hour preparing for my quiz
alhamdulillah everything done well

on thursday, sitting for chemistry quiz,
10 to 11am continue in distributing kuih raya and collecting debts
11am went to computer class..
at 1pm again contributing kuih raya and chocolate cakes

and finally alhamdulillah at 3.10pm i had done all those things
then i went to ZC cafe and lepak-ing with one of my friends
before i go back home for eid vacation
my father arrived at 3.40pm and we leave campus at 4pm

at 4.40pm i switched off my handphone
because i do not want any annoying messages asking about the cakes and kuih raya
and on friday(today) i went to pasar seni to buy a cosmetic product
unfortunately, it's closed! :(

that's the end of the busiest week
and gonna have another busy week after i come back to uia which on 5th september onward..
i need to be well prepared for the coming busy week so that i will not stress
with the quizzes, tutorials, projects, meetings and activities
and the most important is FINAL EXAMINATION~

hey peeps, i really really need your dua
please pray for my succeed
thank a lot ya :)


Sunday, August 7, 2011

forgive and forget...

assalamualaikum wbt

apa khabar iman korang pada hari ke-7 ramadan ni??
harap-harap bertambah baiklah yaa
errmm..tetiba hari ini aku terfikir pasal satu perkataan
learn how to forgive and forget

entah mengapa tetiba aku rasa macam something wrong je
tiap kali terfikir nak balik uia, aku mesti rasa/terfikir benda sama
dan setiap kali aku terfikir benda tu
mulalah perkataan forgive and forget bermain-main kat kepala ni

tak lain tak bukan mestilah pasal member aku kan
dah nama pun bila tiap kali aku nak balik uia mesti terfikir benda tu
aku tak tau lah nak cakap macam mana
pendek kata, aku dah banyak bersabar dengan dia

aku manusia biasa der, memang lah kadang-kadang tu ada salah dan silapnyaa
tapi tak perlu lah nak cakap belakang
tak puas hati ? datang lah face to face dengan aku
takde lah aku nak fikir bukan-bukan
aku pun jenis linear orangnyaa
aku boleh terima teguran orang tapi mestilah kena pada caranya
jangan lah pulak kau nak tegur aku dengan cara kau meninggikan suara kau
mana tak melenting aku ni
memang aku akan mocking kau selalu

sebenarnya ada something aku nak cakap kat kau ni
aku dah banyak bersabar dengan kau
kadang-kadang aku terfikir yang kau ni sebenarnya
nak take advantage on me
aku pun tak tau kenapa
maybe dengan cara kau kot
buat aku terfikir macam tu

tapi disebabkan aku fikirkan member dan
perkataan yang selalu bermain-main kat kepala aku ni (forgive and forget)
aku diamkan diri..ya, i try my best to forgive and forget

tapi kalau asyik forgive and forget, forgive and forget jer
sampai bila pun orang tu tak sedar diri
macam nak buat eh??
bagi dorang a lesson ??
tapi macam mana??

anyone ??

okay laa for this time,
I'll forgive and forget everything what you have done
but PLEASE don't repeat the same mistakes

FRIENDSHIP isn’t how YOU forget but how YOU forgive,
Not how YOU liSten but how YOU UnderStand,
Not what YOU see but how YOU feel,
and not how YOU Let Go but how YOU hold oN

before that, aku menyusun sepuluh jari
memohon seribu kemaafan kepada sesiapa yang terasa dengan segala tindak tanduk aku selama ni
aku hanyalah seorang manusia yang penuh dengan kekhilafan
kadang-kadang aku tak sedar yang gurauan aku tu menyakitkan orang
tapi niat aku tak lain tak bukan, hanya sekadar bergurau
mungkin diri ini tak pandai nak bergurau
dan aku akan lebih berhati-hati lepas ni, insyaAllah
mohon maaf zahir dan batin.



Friday, August 5, 2011

nothing much

assalamualaikum wbt

first of all,
sorry folks, stalkers out there for not updating my blog
quite busy actually the way

HAPPY FASTING to all muslims!!
salam jumuah mubarakah

may our ramadan for this year will be much better than previous one :D

that's all for todayy
byeeeeeeee! :)