Friday, April 16, 2010



Today. 16April2010.

I met my friends. After a very long time never meet them. They are my best friends. I love them so much. We spent for a day. How happy am I. we met at 11.38am. Actually, we discussed want to meet at 11am but I cannot come at 11am sharp. Hehe. Sorry guys. Thanks for waiting me about half an hour. Ngeh3~

We chilled until 12.15noon. After that, we bought burger! Only Syazana ate chickens. Deep and I ate double cheeseburger in large. Amni ate chicken Mc deluxe and Efa; I am not sure what she ate. Hehe

After that, we went to Taman Tasik Cempaka. We had walked, walked, walked and walked. We took some pictures of us. Syazana did not with us at that time because she needs to go home early.

Then, we went to PKNS. I was looking for English novels. Unfortunately, the bookstore does not have one of it. My friends had bought comics. They found what they want. So good. Then, I bought maxis top up. RM30 for my 017 and RM5 for my 012. I had wasted about RM35 to buy top up.

Deep went home at 2.30pm. Now, only me, Efa and Amni left. We continued walked, walked, walked and talked, talked, talked until 4pm. We went back to mcD. Chilled!
Then, I was home at 5.20pm. Took a bath and online. Facebook-ing.


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