Friday, October 22, 2010

helping my fren :D

yeahh.. i'm backkk for awhile =D
ohh well, ii just want to help my friend who looking for models for her newest assignment..
she is planning to feature 12 people in every month.. andd currently, she's short of seven people (4 girls & 3 boys) in total.
ages : 18 to 22
so, if youu feel you are good enough to fill this position,
please contact her through email at :

please send her the following details :

TIME SCHEDULE : (so that she can adjusts the timing of photo shooting)

p/s : she is a student and could not pay youu for modelling for her..thus, this is totally a VOLUNTEER work.. :D

here is the advertisement..sry ii cant upload the picture.. just copy and paste it to see the the advertisement :D


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