Sunday, October 31, 2010

nothing funn~~

ii am backk to studyy

what a tiring week.. ii just came backk from uiaa..currently ii am home :))
well, my journey on the 1st week for sem 2 quite tiring..a lot things need to be done in one week.. there was a changedd for English results.. andd ii am one of the students who jumped to level 6.. andd we need to do adding and dropping things due to the changes had made.. it was sooooo BORING, we need to face many problems.. me and friends having a problem for adding LEM 0620(code for our subject) in our schedule.. we had startedd last Wednesdayy but untill now haven't done yet..

ii went to AMF Hall to meet academic advisor because ii didn't have any idea which group shouldd ii joinn.. but, they asked me to see English department to know my group because they got the list.. unfortunately, someone at English department askedd me to see my academic advisor..huh?? i'm confusedd.. seriously, ii didn't know what to do next.. i'm lost.. finally, my friends and ii decided to choose the group on our own..

thursday (Oct 28, 2010) was my 1st English class.. totally 38 students in a small room.. :l
what's on your mind right now?? perhaps, it's same like what ii thought..
guess what, on friday, ii got news that students who are got to go to the next level are not allowedd to join a group with repeating students.. they told us on the last dayy for students to adding and dropping subject ?? whatt the ... my friends andd ii went to physics department to know what should we do next but they were just ignoring us.. ii made up my mindd, we should have our breakfast + lunch because on of my friends was tired already!

after we hadd eaten, we discussedd againn.. my friend said that we should meet academic advisor because we don't have any idea.. we were lost.. but ii refusedd.. ii was thinking what they hadd did before.. finally, ii gave up andd met my academic advisor again.. ii told her everything.. she helped us at last.. she telephonedd someone at english department to know what the problem was.. she ended call and asked me to be alert to notice board for any announcement for my english class.. ii don't have any english classes temporarily.. that's the end of the story..

well, ii am waiting for the good news when ii come backk to cfs..
hoping for better life~ :))

Loves, dila♥

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