Monday, December 19, 2011

holiday of the year

assalamualaikum wbt

Hi peeps!!
oh yeahh I just came back from holiday..hehe
I had been away holiday for a week..
hey, guess where did I go for holiday..

what island is this?

view from cable car..currently 600m above the sea level

still don't get it??

here it is!!

 yeah, I went to Langkawi Island a couple of days ago
and it's right after the Pesta Lima week
I went there with my family
Unfortunately, both of my brothers cannot join this holiday

We spent on chocolates more!!
kinder bueno, kit kat, cadbury, toblerone, daim, hershey's kisses and some products from nestle, I can't remember the name
oh ya, my mom did spent on kain batik too!!
that's what people always looking for when they come here

she bought kain batik at padang matsirat where makam mahsuri located at
I know little bit the history of this place
the history of the late Mahsuri bt Pandak Mayah
then, we went to muzium and a place named Beras Terbakar

beras terbakar!! my mom said on the time she went there around 1989-1991,
visitors can see the dark paddy..seems like dark spot on a plain A4 paper
and also can touch em'!! it was like a sand..oh

the next day, we went to Langkawi Cable car
queued up to 2 hours but be in the cable car only for 15minutes!! 
overall I enjoyed the journey from peak to peak of the hills even though I'm fear of height..hehe
here a short video when I was in cable car

you can see Telaga Tujuh in this video
(I think it is Air Terjun Telaga Tujuh..If I'm wrong please let me know ya :) )

and here enjoy watching these pictures

Oriental Village Langkawi

a very long queue to be in cable car 

that is cable car!!


Cenang Beach

going back to hotel.. BYE!!
p/s: don't want to make it large xD

okayy, that's all for today..
wanna watch chinese drama on tv
see ya next post


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