Wednesday, December 28, 2011

business thingy

assalamualaikum wbt

hey peeps! haha
I went out this afternoon
guess what my mom and I bought ?
BLOUSES!! yeahh
I'm gonna involve myself in business world

I'll make it with my friend
gonna have chocolate cakes, blouses, jubah, shawl insyaAllah
and now I'm still looking for some interesting names for my blog
the place where I'll promote our stuffs hehe
okay little bit excited
but I'm just too scared if I become too busy soon
till I have no time for my studies

whatever it is
I'll make sure that I'll score in my exams
because next year gonna be my last semester in UIA PJ
4FLAT would be mine!!
or I must get DEAN LIST at least
I'll leave that place with lots of sweet memories. insyaAllah :)

by the way,
4 more days to go
wow!! I cant believe it
I'm gonna be 20!!

well, let's prepare for the next wars! :P
good luck all


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