Friday, June 10, 2011

first week

first of all

assalamualaikum wbt

okayy I know I never begin my entry with salam
tapi tak salahkan kalau kita nak berubah kepada yang lebih baik
biar sedikit/kecil sesuatu amalan/perubahan asalkan kita beristiqamah :)

I want to talk about my first week in CFS
so far I had met all my lecturers for this semester except Physics lecturer
andd I'm still wondering how she's look like ngee~

I have two lecturers with Arabic language as their mother tongue
and it quiet difficult for me to understand them
I mean err.. I couldn't get what they saying at the front
everytime I lose my focus hehe

another lecturer which is Chemistry lecturer
alhamdulillah she is malay!~
I did skipped her class once hehe
(I was busy for add and drop session okay)
got rumours said she's kinda like that and this
but when I meet her for the first day
she quite good actually
I like the way she teaching
kinda like a fresh graduated student hehe
meaning, it is good okay!
she teaches from A to Z

Yesterday is my first class for chemistry and computer(programming)
and my lecturers had covered one chapter in one day for both subject
in one day I learnt two chapter
and I was like WOW
because my friends from other group haven't start the lesson yet
and today I learnt one quarter of a chapter for Understanding Islam
I learnt about Jibril Hadith
and the lesson was fully in English


I want to tell you guys
that I won't be able to update my blog more often
it is due to the internet connection
I have got to stay at level 6
and the internet connection is not really good

I have to go for now~


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ajue said...

aku level 8 kowt....intenet slow giler. kdg2 mati d tengah jalan...hehehehe