Wednesday, March 30, 2011

one day trip to Serting :)

okay, actually there are a lot of stories ii would like to share with you guys ;)
but currently im soooo LAZY to do so. so, SORRY! hehe
ii will do it later then. okay ?
okay let's talk about today

ii went to serting this morning. MJSC(MARA Junior Science College) Serting
it was my school when ii was in secondary four and five.
as other students, our first intention to come there is to collect our SPM certificate.
then, will meet up teachers. missed them soo much.

9.07am - ktm arrived
10.40am - at Terminal 1, Seremban
12.10pm - at Bahau
1pm - at MJSC Serting (the office doesn't open during lunch hour andd need to be wait until 2pm lols) met teachers (Miss Aina, Mdm Hashimah, Mdm Kamaruza, Miss Tengku, Mdm Juliani(mamajue) and ustz hainizam)
2.20pm - at Jalan Felda Alias 3 ( andd it was raining LOL betul-betul menguji ketahanan fizikal)
3.10pm - bus arrived (dah basah kuyup baru dapat bas -.-)
3.33pm - Bahau again ( this time was going back to Selangor :) )
4.10pm - bus was ready to go
6.05pm - at seremban and was waiting for train :)
6.30pm - train was ready to go!
7.07pm - finally alhmdulillah, UKM! weeeee~

okay, ii forgot to tell that ii was with my friend when ii went there..hehe
and now she's on bus going back to gerik, perak.
hey hey you you don't forget to come here again ya
don't ever say you won't come here any more
really enjoy these few days

ii hope we will meet again :)



Afufu said...

Letak la nama aku, femes sikit. Hakhak :P

dila said...

ehh?? aku tak letak eh nama ko?? hehe :P