Monday, April 11, 2011

one day off

im off todayy... no work for today ngee~ but now then ii post this entry lol
okay, ii didnt post any entry since errr...ii dont know
but well, ii got a job already! oh yeah~
at RASAMAS Bangi branch
a week ago

iim feeling like in heaven LOL
today my first day of no work,
ii did meet up my best friend ever
in virtual world lol
ii met her in a online game years ago
andd now ii realized that we have been through so many things
we have know to each other for almost 4 years already
and now we still keep in touch
COOL right?

ii hope our friendship will never end although we're just know each other via the virtual world game

okay, actually, ii dont want talk about this
it's about my work
my job quite tiring actually
andd ii dont know how long would ii can stand with it
ii hope ii would be till ii need to come back to cfs oh yeah lol

ii work as errr...ii dont know my position as well
but so far, as a waitress maybe
sometimes can be a cashier, and of course, everyday ii need to clear up all plates, cutlery,
twice a day
and ii spent 2 hours for it haha
awesome man!

quite heavy work lol
although people always say "alaa rasamas, bukan ramai orang pun..kerja tak penat pun..",
there still a lot of things need to be done
this is because of we dont have enough staff

okay, what else??
errr..okay, tomorrow i'm going to work again
but ii dont know when my shift is
my shift usually at 12noon till 9pm
but ii did overtime for days already till 11.30pm so far

speechless already
ii will come back later
dont know when but one day
haha :P


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