Sunday, March 6, 2011

sunday monday tuesday wednesday

time past by
day by day but ii still don't have even an interesting activity to do.
kinda bored uh. when ii was in UIA, ii always wanted to have a long semester break
but when ii owned it, ii have nothing to do within it
why?? ii did planing something for my semester break
one week at home, after that ii'll be working.
that's what ii'd planned before.
ii wanted to have a lot activities in this semester break.

okay, yesterday, ii went to my father's friend house.
there was a wedding ceremony there.
after that we went to Midvalley.
something likes "PC Fair" event happens there, and today is the last day
the event is held for 3 days starting from Friday.

ii didn't buy anything, just look around.
ii enjoyed walking. at least ii have some activities to do although ii didn't buy anything
ii'd rather to choose walking in a shopping complex than staying at home doing nothing.
quite boring, isn't??
ii hope there's some activities that ii could do in future

oh ya, ii had applied for full time job(temporary)
the boss said she will call me for interviewing
ii don't know when, but ii think ii should find another job too
ii don't think ii would working there lols

hey, guess what, ii have forgotten how to spell "temporary" LOL
ii spelled it like "temporaly, temporali" uhhmm..
that's mean ii need to keep practising english or ii will forget to spell more words lols

okay, that's all for now..


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