Saturday, March 12, 2011

a wedding ceremony :)

Love can never be taught for
it is to be learned,
love can never be bought for
it is to be given,
love can never be kept for
it is to be free,
love can never be old for
it lives to last a lifetime.

love knows no reasons,
love knows no lies,
love defies all reasons,
love has no eyes,
but love is not blind love sees but it doesn't mind.

ohh yeahh i'm back and talking about marriage..
it seems like i'm the one who will be going to get married..lols
yupp! will be going to attend my relative's party this Sunday :P
andd ii went shopping for it last 2 days.. ngee~ :)
ii bought 2 new clothes..
one of them is blouse and the other one is like jubah seluar..
andd sorry because ii didn't capture any picture of them :l

at the same time, ii was looking for a job..
ii wanted to earn something during this semester break..
it's really hard to find even a job here..
they only wanted permanent workers..
maybe there's no luck for me (takde rezeki nak buat cmner)
but am still be grateful because my life is getting different from day to day

yesterdayy ii baked carrot cake!
yummyy.. it's delicious..
ii baked it for the first time
andd..'s work! ii did it..perfectly..
ii heard many people out there cannot bake a cake perfectly
they always failed.. ii don't know what the problem is
but the most important is I DID IT
ii just referred to a recipe from a blog ;)
andd sorry again ii didn't take any pictures of it
quite lazy actually ;P

okay, tomorrow ii'll be going to my village
visiting my grandmother..
and ii was planning to stay a bit longer there..
ii will be back to my home town when the SPM results has been announced

andd my results is going to be announced on 17th March2011
ii will check it a little bit late maybe..
never mind then. is one of my best friends' birthday..
hey, HaPpY BirthdAy dear!
may your dreams come true and Allah bless you always :)
but, sadly, her boyfriend gave her a very very 'good' present to her
on her birthday.. do you know what it is??

it is CLASH, BREAK UP.. because of what?? because he likes someone else..
after months she was waiting for him
and finally he easily asked for break up.. what the heck??
how sad she is..?? nobody knows..

she called me just now and when she told me about him she started to crying..
i'm really sorry to hear that dear :(
honestly, ii don't know what to do and to say

but ii'm trying to make you happy though
ii want you to keep smiling like before


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