Thursday, May 17, 2012

End of the Examination

Assalamualaikum wbt

okayy my hectic has ended a week ago right after the examination.
I wanted to post new entry recently but I have no idea what to be written here
well, I would like to share few things with you guys

First, my aim as I was a president of hisbah level 6 has achieved!
When I was been appointed to be a president, the first time cross in my mind was
I wanna make sure my hisbah will win the best hisbah among hisbah in Mahallah Khadijah.
That's my aim. and Alhamdulillah , with the wills of Allah my aim is accomplished!
all efforts had paid off. ALHAMDULILLAH. how can I do that ?
I always bear in my mind that "Jangan buat sesuatu kerja tu ibarat melepaskan batuk di tangga"
and that's what my teacher always said in class.

Secondly, on Thursday, May 10 2012 my fellow treat me and my friend a movie
we watched THE AVENGERS. what I can say about the movie is AWESOME.
YEAHH it's AWESOME. I enjoyed the movie very much. I vote 10 out of 10.
What I wanna highlights here is the level of their thinking. They are so brilliant, creative, innovative..
I never watch that kind of movie before. yeah, I know it is from a comic. haha..but for me it's totally awesome.

haha..okay, that's all from now. Seriously I have no idea what to post here

Loves, Dila 

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