Friday, April 6, 2012

nothing much

Assalamualaikum wbt

nothing much ii can say
i'm not in good mood today
ii dunno why
feeling like missing something here

now i'm busy looking for scholarship
anyone has any ideas what scholarship should I looking for ?
manufacturing or communication engineering insyaAllah will be mine
a friend of mine has suggested me to apply maxis, shell, petroleum

ii need to consider all the conditions before ii apply the scholar or loans
seriously, im really busy for these few months.
kinda like non-stop working all day and night
andd now im feeling like bad
kinda lazy to finish up all my tutorials and notes

woahh what's wrong with me ?
no mood to talk to anyone.
and ii met one of my lecturers just now
she said my face looks pale
and she said it is because ii didnt get enough sleep

hmm...ii dunno what to say
ii, myself dunno if ii dun have enough sleep. *sigh

okayy daa~

Loves, dila 

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