Saturday, May 19, 2012

what goes around comes around

assalamualaikum wbt

haaa well come back to me XD
ii love watch comedian videos recently
especially Jozan's show haha
and also Super Spontan show
kinda good video to release stress haha

by the way, this is not the main thing that ii wanna share today
but it is about one's manner towards his friends or buddy

what goes around comes around
what you say about others , actually, it's the reflection of yourself
it's like when you look at a mirror
who will you see on the mirror ?
can you see your friend in stead of yourself ?
the answer is yes IF s/he is next to you or you look at different ii right ?
yeah, we always look up at others' mistakes
but what about ourselves ? us ? me , myself ?
are we good enough to judge over others ?
are we perfect to mocking others ?

what is on your mind when you look at this picture ?

tongue much sharper than sword
that's what should bear in your mind now
be careful you will hurt one's felling

not all what we say can be accepted 
not all what we do can be accepted 


not all what we do is right
not all what we say is correct
not all what others do is wrong
not all what others say is nonsense

just a nice example 
very close to me
and that's what ii have been watching for years
up till now
it's about a friend of mine
who is she ? you don't have to know
just let it be a moral for us

what has she done ?
okay. just a very easy example
she always says that her friend is 'gatal'(ii dunno word gatal in english *sigh) cuz texting with a guy
yeah only one guy she was messaging tou

but what about my friend ?
she's messaging with many guys
she gave her number to strangers
how ?
if she says her friend is 'gatal'
then what about her ?

can you see that ?
ya, maybe some of you will say she was just joking with her friend
but what if it happens whenever her friend get a message from the guy,
she keeps repeating the same word ?
is it still consider as a joking ?

see ? that's what ii want to stress here
don't simply judge, say bad about others
because the words that come out from yours is the reflection of yourself
people will laugh at you in stead
and you will never realised it 
believe me

come on my friends
think about it
open up your mind
look at your world
look at your surrounding
you are NOT live for yourself
but you live for others
last but not least, 
do not ever underestimate others


Loves, ♥dila

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