Sunday, May 22, 2011

Father orders~

1. If you are fortunate to have a true lover, loyal friend, and others who will always be around to support your every action. But you must remember, two of the most important thing in life you are the father and mother.

2. You must be strong so that others can not disturb your peace of mind, do not be too quick to anger, do not be a coward, and you never complacent with your present happiness.

3. You need to know if you have a big problem, there must be other people who have bigger problems than you. Do not feel discouraged with what you do. Continue to pursue what you dream for.

4. Learn to save money, do not be too extravagant. Long-term returns are better than short-term satisfaction.

5. You should not be a "kaki ampu". You need to stand firm on your own. Prove also that you have self-esteem.

6. You do not have to depend on the views of others towards you. Forget it and try to prove to yourself that you may be better than what they think.

7. Not all the things you go through all of life is exhilarating.

8. Do not ever stop doing what you love and are proud of the result.

9. If you find a life partner, find the pair that is able to secure the future of you, who can give you happiness, peace and protection. But remember, money is not everything.

10. The most important thing before you decide your life is a blessing from his father and mother.

11. If the father and mother to prevent you from doing something, it does not mean we do not agree one hundred percent. We try to remind you not wrong step. If you are confident with the decisions made, prove to us.

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