Friday, February 24, 2012

there's a reason

assalamualaikum wbt

okayy ii know ii didn't come here for a month
ii wanted to update my blog, but time flies fast
I'm too busy with my studies and activities
ii have to attend training almost everday,

this week gonna have a activity for my hisbah
which is SPORT DAY
I'll update about it later okay! insyaAllah

okay, back to the topic
few days ago, ii heard a story about my sister (not real sister okay)
but ii love her as my sister
she always brings the best of me

unfortunately, it's a bad story
andd I'm really really sad and disappointed
ii don't really believe what people say about her
but her body language shows something
ii do believe there's a reason behind there

ii dunno how to say
but what ii wanna do is
pray the best for her..

really miss the old of her :(

Loves, ♥dila 

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