Sunday, January 2, 2011

new yearr 2011!

This is my first entry for the this year! huhu
well, will be going to come back to uia..
it's time to work hard for the FINAL EXAMINATION..
so "cuakk" one..
well, ii will do something that ii'm not really doing before
which is study really really hard..finish my assignments..
more focus on studies..
okayy, stop it..
ii wannt to talk about my beloved friend..

ii starting to know her when ii was in secondary 4..we become closer and closer when we was in secondary 5..
she's one of the best friends ii ever had! because she's the one who knows me very well..
well, she just described something about me..
here's what she said,
"ok, yg ni antara kwn yg ak plg syg! pndai, tp bajet bese2 je..haha..siez ak rndu kngn kte, espclly tym spm week..bestnye..nk mkn maggi sme2, bfast sme2..huhu..agak nerd kdg2, tp xpe..ak memahami..haha..p'diam if xsuke ngn sum1, jnis yg emo n smgt gle ble story pape kt ak, m'buatkan ak smgt b'smgt m'dgrnya.. :D iluvyou! may Allah bless our friendship and hope that it lasts till the end of our lyf! ?"

she knows whatt ii like and dislike..she knows ii have problems without verbal communication..
missing her a lot! ii hope we can meet againn andd never be apart..
you're the only the best friend ii have that knows about me a lot..
you're really understanding personn..and positive thinking personn..always influence in positive ways..
andd always scold me when i'm doing something wrongly and alwayss support me when i'm down..
always keep in touchh keyhh! love you a lot my dearest friend! :)


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