Monday, October 10, 2011

As salam or Salam or A'kum ?

assalamualaikum wbt

okay, first and foremost I have nothing much to say
but oh ya before I forget,
last time one of my friends asked me;
which one is the correct, waalaikumsalam or waalaikumussalam to answer when one greets us

when one greets assalamualaikum
and the answer is WAALAIKUMUSSALAM
NOT waalaikumsalam as what we are usually hear to

furthermore, ustaz Zawawi Yusof said the prophet Muhammad SAW
greets with Assalamualaikum
and answer one's with Waalaikumussalam Warahmatulallahhi Wabarakatuh

other than that, please do not use A'kum as short form for
assalamualaikum in text, email or whatever in writing..
use As Salam in stead since it has same meaning as assalamualaikum..

and one more thing,
why A'kum is prohibited to be used as short form for assalamualaikum ?
A'kum comes from Ibrani language which means animal..
it is a short form from ‘Avde Kokhavim U Mazzalot’ , means
a slaves of animal and perverts..

therefore, let's us use As Salam in stead of A'kum as
As Salam comes from word Assalamualaikum..

that's all from me for today..
Wallahualam bi Shawab


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